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My Favorite Sngs In Adventure Time Are:
-Daddy Why Did You Eat My Fries?(Marceline)
-Tough Tootin Baby(Finn)
-And Many More(They're So Many biggrin )
I'm Just Your Problem/Bury You
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Joshua's Final Message Remix (From Dad's Dungeon)
LOL i love baby finn's song and "daddy why did u eat my fries" XD

they get stuck in my head all the time lol XD
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Oh Marceline Why Are You So Mean? Is a very catchy song :>
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I'm just your problem
The autotuned song in the Freak City episode
Daddy why did you eat my fries?
All gummed up inside
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i like finn the human and jake the dog...........and marceline song daddy why you eat my fries User Image
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I'm just your problem and the remix of Joshua's final message in Dads Dungeon.
Daddy why did you ate my fries?
Island song.
The slug's beat box (Lol does this count? From the episode Slow Love)
I'm Just Your Problem/Bury You
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Love that song with a burning passion. As well as "All Gummed Up Inside", "I'm Just Your Problem", and "Susan Strong." c:

And the house Hunting song. xD Because that's awesome. And maybe "These Lumps."

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i like all
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Tossup between "I'm Just Your Problem" and "Island Song."
ALL!!! biggrin
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The opening song and Fry song 3nodding

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