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A= finn is thirteen & flame princess is 13
B= Bubblegum princesss is way to old
C= flame princess is hotter (no pun intended)
D= bubblegum princess is too smart for finn
E= flame princess can battle with finn (bubblegum princess will melt)
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Flame Princess!
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At first I thought 13 year old bubble gum was the perfect match for Finn confused

FP changed my mind
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PB can't be with Finn because she's too busy being with Marceline. D<
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yep lesbians..
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can i say that marceline is good for finn? emotion_kirakira
if not here's a bacon c: yum_bacon
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PB can't be with Finn because she's too busy being with Marceline. D<
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Flame Princess~ heart
flame princess and finn look cute together even if flame princess hurts finn
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13 yr old pb but she got old again so FLAME PRINCESS if neither than its me!
ps relationships do not go very well for finn
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niether princess, he needs to find another human girl (although it may be impossible). Flame princess is too hot tempered but has already told Finn that they would not be compatible since he is water (his crying) and she is fire. PB is just kind of a b*tch lately. I mean she should know how Finn is feeling and properly explain to him instead of just ignoring the facts and walking away because its convenient to her.

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