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The episode "thank you" and "princess cookie\" makes my eyes all water-y

But they are my favorite episodes :3
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None at the moment.
But the show is getting deeper; it might soon pull some heartstrings for me. gonk
princess cookie
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I've never cried at a episode, never found any of them that sad.
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I can't remember but I might've. :U
I don't usually cry because of tv shows like cartoons and stuff like that.
But when it comes to Doctor Who and s**t I'm drowning in my tears.
I was somewhat close to breaking a tear while watching "Thank You"

I really liked that one.
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These are episodes that would make me cry if I could. I felt like crying but didn't. The Jiggler (especially the scene were Finn is desperate to find out what is wrong when it gets sick), Holly jolly Secrets part 2 for obvious reasons, Princess Cookie where Cookie actually commits suicide but thankfully fails and gets his wish...maybe (my opinion is that he was allowed to act as a princess but did not become one as he is in a mental ward but in the eyes of the other patients he is a princess so I guess that's ok)

I get emotional at certain scenes rather than the entire episode but Adventure Time has a good balance of happy and sad moments
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I don't really cry about an episode until I really start to think about the episode.
That said, "Hot to the Touch" really tugs at the ol' heartstrings, along with "Dad's Dungeon" and "The New Frontier". "Holly Jolly Secrets", "Princess Monster Wife", and "Thank You" are pretty tearjerky too.

I cried at Ice King's past crying
i think a sad episode there was the story of the ice king, it was very shocking to know his life story >.<
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"I remember you"
Thank You, I Remember You, and Lady and Peebles all made me either sob or shed a few tears.

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