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CONTEST TRIVIA QUESTION for Friday, April 20th, 2012

Ok Adventure Time fans, since this is the last question, we thought we'd go to the last episode in season one:
Episode 12: To Cut A Woman’s Hair
Question: What does the Tree Witch want Finn and Jake to get her and why?
Answer: A lock of Princess hair because she has a balding problem.

Once you think you have the correct answer, post your guess in this thread! We'll announce the winners on Monday - so you have all weekend to put in your guess. Best of luck to everyone playing!

- The Adventure Time Team

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CONTEST TRIVIA QUESTION WINNERS for Friday, April 20th, 2012

Hey everyone! Thanks to everyone who entered this contest. We are pleased to announce that the following Gaians have won copies of the Adventure Time: Season One DVD

Thanks to our final winners KitsuneLove-LoveBomber!

Congrats to the winners of this contest! Thanks everyone for playing - We had a lot of fun!
- The Adventure Time Team
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she wants them to get princess hair for her to cure her baldness so that she can be beautiful
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She wants them to make her beautiful and cure her baldness, in order to do that she wants them to get her Princess hair.
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she wants Jake and Finn to make her beautiful and cure her baldness, and to be able to do that, she wants the to get hair from princesses.
Princess hair. She thinks it'll make her all kinds of pretty.
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A cure for her baldness so that she may be beautiful, the cure itself is Princess Hair.
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Princess Hair to make her pretty and cure her baldness lol
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Some beautiful hair, of course.
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Adventure Time Team
Episode 12: To Cut A Woman’s Hair
Question: What does the Tree Witch want Finn and Jake to get her and why?

All of ya'll are wrong!

She wants Finn to get her a princess' hair, or at least hair of a princess' quality and she wants Jake to be squashed under her bottom until Finn gets her the hair.

As for why, she is bald and doesn't want anyone to know this and wants to be beautiful.
She wants princess hair so she can be pretty!
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Mega Player

Princess hair to cure her baldness.
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She wanted Princess hair because she was bald, ugly, and evil. She sat on Jake and Finn had to get the hair. He started with Lumpy Space Princess but she woke up and thought Finn loved her. The he went to Muscle Princess, but she beat him up. Then he went to Princess Bubblegum and that lead to an awkward spaghetti dinner. He got the hair from Bubblegum, but the witch said with was bubblegum and ate it. Then Finn asked if any hair would do, had took off his hat and showed his long and beautiful hair and cut it off and gave it to her. Then they told her it wasn't how you looked on the outside, it was what was inside that counted, so she would always be UGLY!
leetcream's avatar

Shy Regular

She wanted princess hair (even though she really didn't care what kind of hair) so she can cure her baldness and look beautiful.
she wants princess hair so that she can be cured of her baldness and become beautiful!
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Princess hair so that she will be cured of baldness and be beautiful. heart

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