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      Finn thinks the Guardian Angel is going to save them, but instead both Finn and Jake are saved by PB emotion_awesome
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Finn thinks that his guardian angel is going to save him, but the "angel" wants to eat him, so Jake saves Finn from the guardian angel. At the end, when they find the crystal eye, Princess Bubblegum appears on her Swan, and saves them both.
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His first savior poses as his guardian angel, but ends up tossing him into a pot of soup.
It is there Finn wishes Jake would come to his rescue, but it turns out that Jake is also in the soup.
Finn's "carrot hand" burns through the rope holding the caged pot of soup, freeing them and crushing the demon angel.
From there, they go to retrieve the crystal eye they came to get in the first place and flaming eyes erupt from the pit.
But in the end, Princess Bubblegum and her swan saves them.

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When he gets chased by that crazy cat monster he gets saved (kind of) by his guardian angel so he thinks she will save him but when he finds out she is a monster and Jake helps him get out, Princes Bubblegum lifts them both out on her eagle!
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He thinks the gardian angel will save him byt then he finds jake and they get "new found respect" and princess buble gum saves both finn and jake.
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Finn thinks he's going to save himself, but then he screws up, but someone saying she's his guardian angel shows up, and he expects she will be saving him. Then he hopes Jake will save him, and he shows up but can't save him. In the end, it's Princess Bubblegum and her Laser Swan who rescue Finn and Jake =)
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Finn thinks his guardian angel will save him...Jake then tries to save him...but it's a FAIL and then when they think they will die, Princess Bubblegum swoops in and saves both Finn and Jake and they all fly away.

He thinks it'll be his 'guardian angel', but PB ends up saving him and Jake.
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2.Princess Bubblgum with her bird thingy! xDD
At first Finn thinks his guardian angel will save him but she's actually a monster. So then he hopes Jake will save him but in the end Princess Bubblegum rescues them both.
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'his' guardian angel appeared and seemed like she was gonna save him, but turns out it wanted to eat him. Jake saved him from her, but PB is the one who saved them both.
Finn expects his "guardian angel" to save him, but his "guardian angel" turns out to be a monster, which Jake saves him from. Then when they find the crystal eye, Princess Bubblegum arrives on her swan, and saves both Finn and Jake.
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This is a difficult question...
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guardian angel, then jake tries to save him then PB rescues them and yells "get on my swan!"
He expects Jake to save him, but then princess Bubblegum ends up saving them both.

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