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Princess Bubblegum
Finn thinks his guardian angel will save him, but Jake actually ends up saving him. Then Princess Bubblegum saves them both.
In the episode, Finn thought that the guardian angel was going to save him. But then she turned into a monster and expects Jake to save him. Finn and Jake both got into trouble and Princess Bubble saves them both.
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He expects the Guardian Angel to "save" him, but Princess Bubblegum actually does.
He expects jake to save him since jake is always there for him when he needs him
finn expects his guardian angel to save him but jake saves him from guardian angel and princess bubblegum who saves both finn and jake.
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Adventure Time Team
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CONTEST TRIVIA QUESTION for Monday, April 16th, 2012

Ok Adventure Time fans, here we go! The trivia question for today's contest is a two part question for the win:
Episode 6: Dungeon
Question: Who does Finn expect to “save” him in the dungeon? And who really does saves him?

Once you think you have the correct answer, post your guess in this thread! Best of luck to everyone playing!

- The Adventure Time Team

If I remember correctly, Jake was teasing Finn that he was useless without him.

So Finn was expecting to get through himself.
Then he realized that he needed Jake. And then Jake turns out to be in the cage with him.
And then Princess Bubblegum comes in on her swan and saves them. XD
Finn expects his angel to, but then jake does, until trouble and finally princess bubblegum saves them both.
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Finn didn't expect anyone to save him.
Finn expects his Guardian Angel to save him, but then she tries to eat him. Then Finn breaks out of the cage with Jake and Princess Bubblegum then saves them on her swan.
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Finn expects his guardian angel to save him, but Jake ends up saving him from the "guardian angel" who wants to eat him, and princess bubblegum saves them both in the end.
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In the end of the Adventure Time episode: The Dungeon of the Crystal Eye, Finn doesnt think he'll need anyones help but in the end Princess Bubblegum Saves them from the guardian eyes with her laser shooting, flying swan XD

I love Adventure Time! its the best show EVER!
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Episode 6: Dungeon
Question: Who does Finn expect to “save” him in the dungeon? And who really does saves him?
Answer: (If I remember this right? Okay, try to keep up with me when I try to explan this.)
Okay, so Finn expected to "save" himself, because of what I think Jake said (You can't survive without my powers. Now come eat your sandwich.)
(And who really SAVES him is.) Finn and Jake are saved by (PB) Princess Bubblegum (and her royal swan), when they were attacked by flying fire eyeballs.
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finn expects his guardian angel to save him but instead both him and jake are saved by princess bubblegum!

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