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At first Finn wants his gaurdian angel to save him but later on when the "gaurdian angel" plans to eat him he wants Jake to save him and it turns out PB comes and saves them both >:T idk oddness
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Finn expected Jake to save him but PB saved them both in the enddd
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Finn is picked up by a "guardian angel" that he believes will save him before she tells him she's going to eat him. She drops him in the cage where Jake is and Princess Bubblegum swoops in on a giant swan and the fly into the light <w<
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Finn thinks that the his guardian angel is going to save him from the demon cat but then it turns into a monster and puts him in a cage were Jake is there also. The two team up and defeat the Angel. They go on to complete the dungeon but in the end they unleash Eye Demons which they cant defeat and are saved by princess bubblegum.
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Jake, Princess Bubblegum.
finn expects his guardian angel to save him but instead both him and jake are saved by princess bubblegum!
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He thinks Jake will "save" him but it is actually Princess Bubblegum on her mighty swan that does.
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He thinks the "Guardian Angel" is going to save him, but Jake does in the end.
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Finn thinks Jake will save him, but Princess Bubblegum saves them both!
jake saves Finn
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I believe Finn expects Jake to save him, but in the end they're both saved by Princess Bubblegum.
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Finn expects the Guardian Angel to save him, but in the end, Princess Bubblegum is the one that really saves him.
This is a weird question, because Finn enters the dungeon to prove that he doesn't need ANYBODY to rescue him. So, technically nobody should be first.

My guess is going to have to be: Jake, and then they were actually rescued by Princess Bubblegum.
Finn expects his guardian angel to save him, but Jake ends up saving him for the "guardian angel" who was actually a monster. Then Princess Bubblegum saves them both in the end.
Finn Thinkss The Gardian Angel Will Save Himm Butt I nstead Jake Do But Then Princess Bubble Gum Saves Them Both.

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