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he expects jake to save him
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jake saves him from the soup but princess bubblegum ends up saving both of them on the swan thing
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Child of Destiny...

Finn becomes overly confident and expects his own skills to save him, but in the end he needs Jake to save him xP but THEN Bubblegum saves 'em both on her swan!
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Finn specifically states that he hopes Jake will save him when the Guardian Angel has him caged, the Guardian Angel mockingly claims it will "save" him.
In regards to who actually "saves" Finn, he saves himself (and Jake) with carrothand.
Princess Bubblegum later saves Finn and Jake from the Chamber of the Crystal Eye.

This is a confusing multi-tiered question...
He expected Jake to save him but it was Princess Bubblegum.
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CONTEST TRIVIA QUESTION for Monday, April 16th, 2012

Episode 6: Dungeon
Question: Who does Finn expect to “save” him in the dungeon? And who really does saves him?

He expects Jake but Princess Bubblegum saves him.
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Finn expects Jake to save him. Princess Bubblegum is the one who does save him.
Hi this show is Wierd?? whee
Jake, Princess Bubblegum
so Finn thinks his Guardian Angel will save him, but she ends up being a monster who actually want to make him into soup, but then Jake comes and saves Finn from the monster, but then they both get in trouble with the crystal eye thing and Princess Bubblegum has to come in on her morrow and save them.
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Finn expects that Jake is going to save him, then he thinks his "guardian angel" is going to save him, but the guardian angel turns out to be a monster.
Then Princess Bubblegum appears on a wicked awesome swan and saves both Finn and Jake.
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Hmm...not sure what would count as being saved. He waits for Jake to save him, but then was saved by a guardian angel, and later my Princess Bubblegum riding on her lazer spitting swan.
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He expects his "guardian angel" will save him, but i turns out to be neither of those things. Jake busts in to save the day. Then ultimately, Princess Bubblegum appears "on the morrow" to whisk them away to safety fo' realz.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Finn expects Jake to come save him at first but then his "Guardian Angel" comes and saves him. She turns out to be a monster who wants to eat Finn, he then meets up with Jake in a cage where they try and escape together but run into more trouble and finally Princess Bubblegum comes and rescues them both!
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He expects Jake to save him but PB does

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