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Fin thinks he can take on the dungeon by himself but he is mistaken first he is aided by Jake and then again by Princess Bubblegum.
Finn and Jake quarrel leading Finn to take on the dungeon by himself to prove that he can handle it. He is confronted by the demon cat and beaten up. A angel picks him up and he is told that he will be saved by this "guardian angel" which he believes since she healed him upon lifting him into her arms. He expected to be saved by her. After being plopped into a stew (meeting up with Jake again) HE RELIES ON THEIR TEAMWORK TO BE SAVED AND REACH THE END NOT JUST JAKE BOTH OF THEM TOGETHER. Then they are actually saved by Princess Bubblegum when being attacked by burning eyeballs.
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Finn expects his "Guardian Angel" to save him but she turns out to be a monster and then Jake ends up saving him. Then Princess Bubblegum ultimately saves them both.
Well, this one's certainly a bit tricky. I mean, at first he thought his bravery and mitts would save him, but it wound up inadvertantly being Jake... Then there was the so-called Guardian Angel coming to save him, but Jake sort of saved him from that thing... And then he thought Jake would help him break out of there, but it wound up being Princess Bubblegum and her ridiculous laser-swan... It's a bit ambiguous.

I'll put my guess down for the false Guardian Angel first, followed by Princess Bubblegum and her swan for the true rescue.
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Finn expects his guardian angel to save him, the he expect it to be jake when they both are capture
but princess bubblegum comes to the rescue smile
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His "guardian angel", and jake.
Question: Who does Finn expect to “save” him in the dungeon? And who really does saves him?

Answer: Finn expects Jake to save him, mentioning Jake as being capable of handling the place he is in.

Princess Bubblegum saves them in the end, because they weren't supposed to be in there for a reason.
Finn expects Jake to save him from the monster guardian angel but then Princess Bubblegum saves both Jake and Finn once they find the crystal eye.
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fin wanted to prove a point abut how he can do stuff by himself but then gets captured and put in a cage jake shows u there and trys to save him but that goes bad and princess bubblegum ends up saving them bolth =]
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Finn expects his Guardian Angel to save him but Jake does.
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He expects Jake to save him but Princess Bubblegum ends up saving them both
Finn thinks the angel creature is going to save him, but it turns out to be a monster, then Jake comes to the rescue, but princess bubblegum saves them both at the end
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Finn near the end hope's Jake will save him but when Jakes been caught as well it turns out Princess Bubblegum saves both of them on her Swan.
Finn wants Jake to save him but Princess Bubblegum ends up saving both of them.
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Finn was captured by the angel witch
Finn wanted Jake to save him but Jake was captured too
So Morrow and Princess Bubblegum ended up saving them C:

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