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Obviously Shelby! razz
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Shelby the Worm
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The answer is...

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The worm in jakes Violin Doesn't have a name cuz it doesn't exist. Because Jake Carries a Viola. Not a Violin. And the worm in his Viola's name is Shelby. :3
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Shelby heart
the answer is Shelby, the worm who lives in Jake's viola.
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"Question: What’s the worm’s name inside of Jake’s violin?"
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Adventure Time Team

From Episode 1: My Two Favorite People
Question: What’s the worm’s name inside of Jake’s violin?

Shelby! biggrin
        Shelby is the name of the worm within Jake's viola.
...It seems as if I'm extremely late but I'll still give you the answer that everyone knows XD
Oh my grod, there is no way I'm winning this contest with my lateness lol
blaugh Shelby blaugh
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