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It is 7:46 where I live, do I have teh correct time?]
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Everybody loves to ship.
And you've given them a lot to ship.
So lets ignore the shipping and get on with this.
Is Finn ever going to find some relics of the human past that explains the background of Ooo or how all the humans managed to disappear?
And what of his birther's?
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[ How did you come up with the different personalities for each character on the show ?
& How did your imagination for Adventure Time come about ?
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My question is: Will you make more episodes with Fionna and Cake?
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Your art is so unique and adorable.

I was wondering if you have an online gallery or anything the features art work from outside of the show?
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Hi I love the show and was wondering will you ever make another episode with Me-Mow in it I love that character and I would love to see him get his revenge thanks for reading this and keep on making it all so awesome man, later XD
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Where did the character Marceline come from? She is so different from all the other characters on the show
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posting to ask later.
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I i`m wondering if you will make another girl version of finn and drake?

You meani Fionna and Cake <3
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Who is your personal favorite character within the show?

♪♫♪ Its like music to my ears..Can you hear it..?What the symbols speak to you...~?♪♫♪
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How do you come up with all of your ideas?? heart
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Who is you're favorite character?
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Do each of the princesses have their own kingdom? Like, is there a Slime kingdom, Raspberry kingdom, and Ghost kingdom?
How do they become princesses?
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