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Soooo, Ooo is Earth after the bombs drop, right? And all the candy people are mutants?

Are the Hyoomans mutated animals or the mutated remnants of Humanity? And how is Finn the only Human?
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Peeeen! PEEEEN! You are simply amazing! Did you know that?! Do you know how much joy I get from watching your show?! I love what you've done to the point when I can't stop talking/thinking about it no matter where I am! But enough about my fanboying.

Have you ever looked to your fans for ideas?
❤ "Are you going to further discuss the world/times before the Mushroom War in upcoming episodes?
If not, are you atleast going to hint hint with it more, so that the viewers get to know a little more info?
( I saw your comment on the end of season 4 having a good play out with it, so you can ignore the first question if you want to )


Will the returning "Freaks" in Freak City ever make another appearance to help Finn out? "
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What inspired you to write such an elaborate and unique story?
will you add more episodes about fionaand cake or make another series for them?
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I don't watch adventure time much, because I don't have cable, but the first episode I watched was Me-mow. Are you going to do another contest like that? If so, is it going to be a character contest, or could you do an episode idea contest! Ooh, I like the sound of that....
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Where did you get your inspiration for the show?
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is finn adopted by jake's parents? what happened to his real mom/dad?
how long has adventure time been out, and will there be more fionna and cake adventures?
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posting lol
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Oh, I love this show~ <3
But I kinda miss Chowder.. <3
omg yes.
uh.. question.. :`c ;; let's see ~~

where did you get le inspiration to build all these different characters
different places, songs, etc. emotion_kirakira
Any ideas for new characters in the future?
Where did you get the art concept style from?
When you came up with adventure time. Did you ever think it would be as big as it is now?
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OMG!!! I just love to way you draw the characters.....i like tht little green elephant too...SHE IS SO CUTE!!! heart heart heart 4laugh 3nodding
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Is it true you're leaving the Adventure Time staff? I heard a rumor..

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