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I'm a BIG fan of adventure time and I was wondering if there was ever going to be an episode where Finn and Princess Bubblegum actually become a couple...? Or at least confess their love for each other? Instead of Jake always teasing Finn about having a crush on her.
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I wonder... will there really be an episode for Marshall Lee? D: It'd be cool if he had a voice and stuff.

*plooka plooka*

Oh yes, i have a question!
Is there any chance of fionna and cake getting a spin off show?
Or at least a few more episodes?

Edit: Is there a chance for season sets to be released? I have the two dvd's but i'd kill for season boxsets. Cartoonnetwork in my area rarely airs adventure time at a time i can watch, so i would love season sets gonk
omg i just love this show its to funy
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When did you come up with the idea for the show and how?????
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Any more gender swap episodes? (Please? D: )
And (if so) Marshal lee MUST SPEAK!
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My FIRST question is: Am I too late? xD I was looking forward to this, man!

The question that actually matters is: c: Did you have any inspirations for your awesome show?
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Hello Mr. Ward. I'm so honored to have the oppurtunity to chat with you. I am 21 and my husband is 23 and we watch Adventure Time all the time.

My question is...

Did you expect your show to be this popular? Did you expect it to be just as popular with kids as it is with young adults/adults?
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heart heart
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my where did the idea for l.s.p come from? gotta love lumpy space princess
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How exactly are Susan Strong and Finn related? Are they mother and son, or something else? Thank you. smile
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Will there be more Fionna Marshall Lee and Cake the Cat in the future? emotion_kirakira
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First off i'd like to say this show is like my life, i'm a die hard fan lol.
I'm doing my senior project based on your show <3
I'd like to know what really inspired you to start adventure time? and were you get all the jokes from ? biggrin <3
-Kym <3 4laugh
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Did you expect AT to become so popular?

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