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The REAL Pendleton Ward

- The Real Pendleton Ward

Pen –

I have a few questions. I'm a huge fan of Adventure Time (especially LSP, she's my favorite) and animation in general.

Firstly, is it true that you worked on one of the Dr. Tran cartoons (made by Lone Sausage)? I swear I saw you credited in one of them.

Secondly, do you have any plans for another Fionna and Cake episode? Because that episode is one of my all-time favorites.

Thirdly, what IS your favorite Adventure Time episode?

Thanks, and stay mathematical!

– Consulting Time Lord
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your show is awsome. me and my son sit and watch it every chance we see in on the tv list.. thanks for making a great show
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Why wasn't Princess Bubblegum, Beemo, or Marceline invited to Finn's birthday party in the Mystery Train? Or did they have some sort of after party with everyone?
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WHEEEEEEEEE!!! (I'm super hyper, and happy that you're here!) would you EVER be willing to use someone else's ideas if they gave you permission? And would you be willing to take suggestions for your show?
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Will there ever be any more of Ice King's crazy fanfics?
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I'm pretty picky about the things that I watch on the television, and from the moment I caught Adventure Time on TV I was hooked. Now, I don't know if this has been asked, but, what made you choose a post-apocalyptic setting? My guess was so that it was still a familiar backdrop, but you could add the fantastic elements like the mutated living foods, and what have you, but there could be a deeper message that I'm not picking up. Also, will you ever delve deeper into the Mushroom War and what caused the apocalypse?
Anyway, your animation is excellent and unique and the writing appeals to all ages. I'd say that this was the best animated show on television in a long time. I hope that it will continue in this style for as long as its on the air.
Can you make a girl just for Finn?Besides fire princess.
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So my friends introduced me to Adventure Time back when it was just a little clip on youtube (least thats where we found it).
All of us are happy that you're show took off like it did, but also that you kept that oddness that made the show outstanding to begin with.

my question to you is as fallows: what inspired you to make the show? and what do you feel inspired your characters?

Even if this isn't answered, i wish you and your team the best on the continuing success with your show!
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Why was half of marceline's hair cut off in the episode about dating? xD
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I would be happy with that was long as they don't make it in 3-D ha ha would be pretty cool. Have the two universes come as one with cake and such. Ha ha so Ice kings story was not false but tree you know would be interesting have ice king and ice queen . _ . ha ha.
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Also, I'm wondering just how "teenage" the show it? I wouldn't mind a threesome with PB, Finn, and Marceline. Haha.

Or even PB and Marceline, their classing personalities would make a cute couple.
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I would like to see PB's reaction to Flame Princess and I wonder if Finn will actually date Flame Princess. :3
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If not Adventure Time, what else would you have named the show?

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