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OH MY GLOB OH MY GLOB ITS FINALLY TIME YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Um I was wondering if you would ever make an episode oh Memows Revenge where Memow find a magic potion that will turn off Jake's magic powers and the only way to get his powers back is to defeat Memow in the Assassin's Arena, in which no weapons can be used and to add a funny ending, Jake knocks out Memow by falling on him by mistake
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what time is it?
what time is it?

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i wanna touch yo face & hands and get some of that magic D:<gimme me some! emotion_dowant
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Hey....are you....A BRONY?
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The REAL Pendleton Ward

I love your work. Adventure Time is amazing.

Do you play any sort of D&D?

I watch AT and so much of the stuff on there seems like stuff me and my friends do in D&D
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first i would like two say how much i love Adventure Time biggrin but i do have two questions.

my first question is will there be more gender swapped episodes? the characters for that where really cool.

and second: I've noticed there is a lot of mixed emotions between Marceline and princess bubblegum. With the adding of Finn's crush on the fire princess is there any chance of Marceline and bubblegum being a couple?
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It has always been a life long dream of mine to be a cartoon voice actor. I however have never even begun to chase this dream because I have no idea where to start.

What do you look for in a voice talent? For a show like AT, do you look for people you know personally and think of a good role for them or do you hold auditions? Where might a girl who works in waste water and sewer management find a way into such a career?

You da' best. Thanks for bringing something brilliant back to television.

PS. I think there should be a beard princess.
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So like, we need answers on the war and other questionable events on the show. 4laugh
When will things start coming together?
In a movie perhaps? emotion_awesome
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I was wondering what exactly were your inspirations growing up and what helped you to come up with the ideas for Adventure Time?
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How did you come up with Adventure Time?

p.s. THE SHOW IS AMAZING emotion_bigheart
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hello >.< I'm just wondering who would win in a fight The Lich or Marceline's Father? sweatdrop
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why do the candy people like the taste of human flesh?
is that going to be explained in a future episode?
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Can you make a girl version and boy version for fin and jake?

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