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So we can ask any question we want about Adventure Time, right?
I'll think of a question and edit this later.
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What inspired you to make the show so cool i must know
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May I ask...why are you so awesome?
I want to know if you will be making more episodes with fionna & cake.
if not then...maybe create a short series of them? biggrin
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i love your show and i watch it all the time. i wish you would do a demonic episode it would be pretty cool
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How do you think up the ideas for a show so.. unique? sweatdrop
I love your show!
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Kimiko Doll
how did you think up the characters?

^ that's my question too
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What inspired you to make Finn? Did you create him from someone you know or was he just something that popped out of your mind?
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Is Beemo/Bmo a girl or a guy??

this has been bothering for the longest time >o<
What was you're inspiration to make lady rainicorn?

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