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I just want to say hi and that I love Adventure Time a lot!
I'll try to think of some questions to ask you!
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I can't wait tonight!~ I'm coming with my questions~
i love you smile mrgreen heart
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wooou ,,,h uuuuuu not to ask X)
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Do you have a pet?
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What inspired you to create Adventure Time? Where did you take your inspiration from?
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Adventure time is awesome. I was wondering if there would be a 1-hour special episode where Jake and Finn have to go their separate ways and then reunite at the end to 'SMITE EVIL'.
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Was Marceline ever human? Will we ever find out?
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so auhm what made you come up with this show?

o.o i never heard of it till last week went on youtube at first i got the wrong impression that some 16 yr old bored teenager made it but then i watched some of the shows its pretty good. UoU
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epic biggrin
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Where does most of your inspiration for your drawings come from?
Will Marcy ever sing more in the show??

♪♫♪ Its like music to my ears..Can you hear it..?What the symbols speak to you...~?♪♫♪
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Will there be more episodes with Fionna?
How did you come up with the CHaracter Lumpy Space Princess? Like the voice and her character overall?
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How did you come up with the characters?

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