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I got to ask this. What kind of role in Finn's life is Susan Strong? Is she more like a minor character now, but will be more significant in the future?
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Like everyone else here: I LOVE YOUR SHOW! It's an amazing work you and your team have done! smile
Can you do more episodes like the one about the snow goblin and fire pup? I enjoy learning more about the wonderful Land of Oo that you've created... and more gender swap episodes! They're such a fun play on the characters, and it lets girls know they can be adventurers too ♥.
And one last thing... I noticed that the newer episodes lack the amount of music played in the older ones... so you should have more music and songs.
All in all, Adventure is my favorite cartoon ever, and it let's me have a moment of being a kid again. DON'T STOP MAKING THOSE EPISODES!!! I want my kids to someday watch this... whenever I get around to having kids...

With care,
Have you ever thought about doing an episode or another season with Finn as an adult? I think it would be an awesome idea. If so try to consider me as the voice actor for adult Finn if you ever decide to pursue it.
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"I want to murder everyone in the entire world..."

Will there be more Fiona and Cake?


I can see from the commercials that the Fire Princess will be showing up again. (yay!) Is she going to play as big a part as Bubblegum plays or will she just be a side character like Hot Dog Princess and Wildberry Princess?

"...Every man and woman. Every boy and every girl."
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Are you really that fat?
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Hello, Mr. Ward!
I'm a big fan of the show. c:
okay, so, I have a few questions:
1) one of my favorite characters, Marceline, doesn't show up that often. Will we see more of her?
2) Is there going to be another Genderbent episode?
3) STARCHY. that is all.
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Ack, I really really want to know if you will be making another cool episode on Fionna and Cake! It'd be suuuuper awesome. (And Marshall Lee. heart )

Otherwise, I'm extremely happy that your show is so popular. (x
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Is Jake's brother still alive? What about the rest of his family? Will there be anymore episodes about them?
my question to you sur is: how does it feel to be working with the voices of fin and jake :3 tell them i said hi plz and i love your show big fan
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ok so question disney gets mad if you get their characters tatoo'd on ya would you sue me if i got like a whole sceen of adventure time with the characters tatted on me?

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First I would just like to say what an amazing opportunity this is for the Gaia community. I'm so glad that two of my favorite things could come together.

My questions:

I was wondering if there is some way the ice king could revert back to a human state even if it's only temporarily. That would make one hell of an episode.

In Ghost Princess, she clearly leaves to the afterlife. Does that mean she'll never appear on the show again?

Is there something going on between Maraceline and Bubblegum or is that just fan-based? If so I think it would be amazing. You'd have one of the first cartoon shows for kids to have gay characters. I think kids should learn about it so they grow up in a more accepting world.

Also, I just thought I'd throw out the idea. Wouldn't it be cute if Finn tried to hold Flame Princesses's hand with an oven mitt?
Can we please have more episodes with Marshall Lee and Prince Gumball emotion_kirakira
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redface I'm in-lesbian with you.. Sooo much.

My question: Will you please have my mind children?

The REAL Pendleton Ward

LOLOLOL Yes, Scott Pilgrim...? emotion_dowant
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Hello Mr Ward!

I'm curious of a few things.

1. Your inspiration for the gender bender eppisode must have been something quite interesting? Could you eleborate on what made you want to do an alternate swap reality of your characters?

2. Will you be planning on more visits for Cake and Fionna?

3. What style of animation would you classify your show? It's extremely interesting to me..

Kudo's to you for going beyond your general age range.. Personally I know a lot of people in their early 20's who enjoy the storylines and still get a rather great giggle out of every single eppisode. Thank you for such a wonderful show ^.^. (>.> I myself am 23 and watch religiously every single week)

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