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The REAL Pendleton Ward

How did you feel about the cancellation of Flapjack and how was the transition from that to Adventure Time? Was it an easy transition? I was really disappointed when Flapjack was cancelled.
aww yeah.. everyone from Flapjack misses Flapjack a whole bunch.. I think if most of us from the Flapjack crew could go back to that time, we'd do it in a heart beat. Those were the salad days. Flapjack was a great learning time for me.. that's were my drawings evolved.. because I was forced to draw out major amounts of drawings for that show.. drawing crazy amounts every day.. just jams you up the experience level super quick.. my drawings were so high-school style until I started working on that show.. I had to learn pretty quickly... also Thurop Van Orman was an amazing boss. I used to ask Thurop if I could.. be involved in different parts of the production of my episodes and he'd say "Of course, friend. This is a fun factory, friend!" So that's what I try to do with Adventure Time.. I try to do a fun factory friend..

This answer almost made me cry - so cute. I shall also try to do a fun factory, friend.

I apologize for the insane ammount of quoting I'm doing, but please forgive me - I blame the excitement.

Would you ever consider making a real, bonafide enemy for Finn? Not like Ice King - someone who would actually threaten his position as hero. Not a bad guy, but a good guy who was a better "good guy" than Finn - his face when he's frustrated makes me laugh, pardon moi for sounding a bit cruel.
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Hey Mr. Ward Guy, I was just wonderin...

Are Finn and Marceline becomin
g more than just friends...AND will Finn eventually meet his parents? ;O

Thank you
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How are you liking Gaia Online?
Will there be a chance to have run in in the future with Gaia Online? Will there be also a chance for some references of Gaia Online in any of your shows?
are you going to make more episodes with Fiona and cake? i hope you can add more screen time for marshell lee!!!!
I love Fionna and Cake! Cutest kitty ever! <3 How do you feel about the lesbian fan-pairing of Marceline and Bubblegum? Do you oppose to the creativity, or support it?
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What invoked you to make Flame princess a common character in AT and what is her actual name? :3
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The REAL Pendleton Ward
Thanks everyone.. I enjoyed y'alls anime haircuts and anime bulgy eyeballs.. they were the best.


Keep doing great work. c:
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So Isnt Starfire From Teen Titans Doing PB'S Voice ???? eek

Sorry Pen if I repost my questions but sweatdrop .. i want you to notice them! crying

sorry if im being a little anoying .. but here are em

Here are my questions Mr. Pen

Hi Mr. Pen, it is true that you like punk rock bands like Face to Face, if the answer is yes, which other punk bands do you like?

Will you come to the 41st Convencion de Juegos de Mesa y Comics on Monterrey,Mexico? its like the mexican comic-con please!

Also, im a musician, and vocalist of my band Genocide City, we are doing a Long Version and Punk Rock Cover of the Adventure Time Theme song, do you have an official long version?

what do you think about the latin american dub of Adventure Time?, "Hora de Aventura" aqui en Mexico

Have you ever realized Barry from pokemon looks like an Anime Flapjack?

Whats your opinion about 4chan?
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Dashing Valentine
Mister Ward,

Would you ever consider doing a Live Action episode of Adventure Time? If so, who would you pick to play Finn, Princess Bubblegum, and Marceline?

I really love how Princess Bubblegum looks, but I'm much more for Fire Princess with Finn.
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Will you ever think of adding bits of Gaia into Adventure time? Not like huge portions, but maybe characters like Rufus or even Diedrich. I'd love the see the Adventure Time CI become an actual episode (With better writing though - No offense Gaia) since it seems like something that might happen xD
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The REAL Pendleton Ward

I have an ungodly obsession for Adventure Time, and it may be the the greatest program to have ever graced the screen of my TV.<3
I just wanted to share that with you. c:

Anywhoo, Mr. Pendleton Ward; Sometimes I feel as though Adventure Time is being 'held back' by the fact that's it's aired on a children's network. Do you feel the same? Have you ever wished to through in humor thats maybe a little more crude?

Also, Marceline has great taste in fashion. Give whoever designs her outfits a huge hug for me!
Mr. Ward

Please forgive us. I understand that we are bogging you down with an amazingly rediculous amount of requests, ideas, and general gushy love mail, but let me level with you man. Pretty much EVERYONE here absolutely LOVES you and your work.

We are so glad to have you here on Gaia Online, even if it is for a few brief moments, and understand that the joy we feel in having you here is genuine. I look forward to watching your show again, and I look forward to hearing from you, if you so wish to comment.


. . .

Ahem. . .

Modern Magic
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Absinthe Effect
Since my friend is too shy to come here by himself. I'm helping him out a bit heart mad
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UM UM! HELLO MR. PENDLETON! UM! I'm a student in ISTA at my college and I was wondering what your views on internet culture were! And um! What sorta music do you listen to ljfajfioejfoajfipeajf;ja emotion_0A0
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Captain Kordekai
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What invoked you to make Flame princess a common character in AT and what is her actual name? :3

I WANT!!!!! heart heart heart heart

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