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What was your inspiration for Adventure Time?
Are there ever any arguments in the studio or is relatively all fun???
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The REAL Pendleton Ward

No.. I like teetering.. Dark Comedies are my favorite genre.. because the emotions are in conflict with each other.. it makes me feel awesome.. watching movies like American Werewolf in London.. when I'm on the edge of my seat in suspense but laughing at the same time... it's like.. forcing yourself.. to roleplay.. as Doctor Who.. My intentions were to make a kids show that had dark moments.. that's what I'm all about. Trying to payback.. what Ren and Stimpy was to me as a kid. Ren and Stimpy blew my brains apart as a kid.
I love this response rofl
btw:Your showing your age with that one, lol, but I'm still older than you [:
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[NPC] Horse
. . .

LOL noooooo

ps i said this too
what (or who) was your inspiration for marceline? and are you single? :-*

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man i wrote that stuff down way to fast....
i still have a lot of stuff to ask!
not a lot of adventure time but i still want to ask...
1: are you still working on bueno the bear? you know the website!
2:didn't you make flapjack? if you did could you please tell me why they stopped making it?
3:who sings the adventure time ending theme?if it your friend or something?
please answer these questions! it would mean a LOT to me! really!
i also want to say im sorry i haven't been watching your show as much as i used to the reason i stopped is because the guy who used to post the episodes got banned or something and now i cant find a place to watch them...bye!
Also maybe concider Vic Mignogna for character voices as well maybe
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Mister Ward,

Would you ever consider doing a Live Action episode of Adventure Time? If so, who would you pick to play Finn, Princess Bubblegum, and Marceline?
Hi Im a huge fan of AT! its amazing How did you get the ideas of adventure time and the characters ?and what would you describe the kind of art that you draw????= u = heart 4laugh I want to draw like you right now I draw chibi anime...
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ỳoύя jύsτ αs soƒτ αs α ℓíoи ταмe∂
ỳoύя jύsτ αs ωєτ αs τhє єvєиíиg яαíи


As an artist, what made you want to draw? Have you ever had any troubles trying to achieve what you have achieved so far? And do you have any words of wisdom for any new aspiring artist?


ỳoύя ℓovє ís ∂яívíиg мє…
ỳoύя ∂яívíиg мє íиsαиє

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Hello Mr Ward,

Many of us here working at Gaia love the show and think that you're a creative genius. Our art team has a question for you:

What was the first most memorable drawing that you ever did? Maybe something that let you find out that you're different or more creative than the average person?
First drawings that I remember.. I used to draw pictures of The Simpsons on lined rulebook paper and sell them to my classmates in first grade for five cents a piece..
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[NPC] Horse
. . .
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i lumpin' love your show!!! thank you for the show!!! thank you for being here to speak with us!!!!!!!!!! i have a question!! i was wondering if Susan Strong was actually human or not...
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Mister Ward,

I really enjoy your show, I'm just curious what made your team step away from the crazy random endings that it used to have. There's a definite difference between endings like these,

and your current ones. I don't know, I have to say that I was personally a bigger fan of the earlier seasons, because the absurd comedy seemed to play a larger part.

Also, do you know why Cartoon Network never lets us hear the ending theme? It's very pretty and I miss hearing it. =]

Thank you for your time. heart

Your fan,
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. . .

this horse is wack! its got poo brain! heart
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Ran For My Life
So Pen! What Purpose does this little waving snail serve? Is it there to test the fans' totally mathematical skills of observation? Or did you (AT dudes xD) just put it there for the hell of it?

Also , Marshall Lee is a totally radical dude. So , next time there's a Fionna and Cake episode , give him some lines! to satisfy the fans' sexual fantasies

But no srsly xD GIVE THE DUDE LINES .__.

        He said earlier that the next Fionna and Cake episode focuses on Marshall Lee.

I didn't catch it sorry eek
Hi Im a huge fan of AT! its amazing How did you get the ideas of adventure time and the characters ?and what would you describe the kind of art that you draw????= u = heart 4laugh I want to draw like you right now I draw chibi anime...

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