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hi my question is will finn quit with his obssesion with pb and persue the flame princess of the fire kingdom
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Will Lady rainacorn ever Speak english???
Oh, what Language does she speak anywho?
What cartoons are you a fan of?

I'm nuts for Bob's Burgers.. I am.. NUTS FOR IT. I am so NUTS for it.. my intensity for it.. is so.. nuts.. that.. i can barely think.. when Bob's Burgers enters into my mind.. all I can do is shout BOB'S BURGERS over and over and over in my mind.. and all other thought is lost.. it's hard for me to even watch the show cause I like it so much.. I was watching it last Sunday and.. I choked on my own spit because I was so intense while watching it.. I couldn't follow the story cause I kept thinking "that line of dialog was brilliant.. that line of dialog was brilliant.. that line of dialog was brilliant" .. aw man.. aw
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what was your inspiration behind Adventure Time???
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The REAL Pendleton Ward
First off I'll say your show has been quite the highlight for me. So thank you for making something entertaining and enjoyable.

Will there be anymore further adventures with Fiona and Cake by chance?

New Fionna and Cake? Yes, there'll be another episode down the line starring Marshall Lee. It's awesome.. Rebecca Sugar and Cole Sanchez wrote it.. it's super funny and super sweet and has really nice songs in it that Rebecca wrote. I hope y'all like it.

Yes THANK YOU! I've been waiting for this reply! :3
I'd like to say thank you for coming to Gaia, Mr. Ward 3nodding It was nice of you to take time out of your busy schedule for us. I love your show and I hope Adventure Time keeps being awesome <333
I would like to know if Me-Mow will be in anymore episodes. I'd like it if he became a regular on the show.

Also, I'd like to point out that the Adventure Time logo looks very much like the Legend of Zelda logo.
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The REAL Pendleton Ward

Hello Pendleton!! I have some art related questions!

When you're drawing, how do you come up with ideas? What originally inspired you to work with simple shapes and line, and how did the idea of Adventure Time and its characters come to be? Also, outside of Adventure Time, what do you like to draw, and what mediums do you use? Are you inspired by any other artists, and who? Did your style change drastically over the years or have you always drawn fun characters with simple shapes?

Much appreciated, hope you read this! (I'm currently studying Illustration at art school so this would be a great help!)


P.S. My friends and I made Adventure Time costumes for last Halloween, from the gender bending episode. I'm the one dressed as Cake! There is a video somewhere on tumblr of us singing and playing "Oh Fionna!" in costume too!

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wow how much did it cost to make
Hmmm. I spent like $15 on the hoodie, bought yellow fabric spray paint ($4), swim goggles($2), foamcore (not sure how much that was), a white translucent scarf from goodwill, a couple sheets of pink, yellow, and white felt; yellow tights and white leggings, borrowed some shoes, sewing kit, and used my own paint and markers. It was less about how expensive it was, and more about time. I also had a little paper bag with 'catnip" written on it.

I helped my friend make her Lady Rainicorn mask out of corrugated cardboard, construction paper, bristol, and masking tape. biggrin Also, I made a Lord Monochromicorn mask out of cardboard and black masking tape, with tissue paper eyes and such.
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I have to know. What was your inspiration for the characters and their design? Buy the way I'm interested to see a future version of Fin and Jake. Think that will happen?
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why so expensive ouo
Modern Magic

Though it's on Cartoon Network, there're tons of jokes infused in the show that I'm sure not a lot of kids and preteens understand. emotion_dealwithit lol

At first glance, it doesn't appear as though parental guidance would be recommended for this show.
So out of curiosity, Was the show always intended to be "PG"? What age group was this show originally meant for?
And on another note, in what language does Lady Rainicorn really speak? I've been wondering that for a while... I think it's pretty funny that her parents speak English but she doesn't. Got dropped on her head? Unicorn twisted too tightly?
Regardless of the reason, I think it's cool. emotion_awesome
Some sort of Korean, I believe.

Its korean (no "sort of" wink . her parents had translators on. like the one that made lady sound like an old man
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I think it's really awesome that you guys made that Me-Mow episode based off of a kid's drawing. I'm curious as to why you decided to do that. Did you meet the artist and make dreams come true? Do you think you would ever do something like that again?

Did you ever work some crummy jobs when you were younger? I'm making pizzas now, and it's horrid.

Where did you get inspiration for LSP's character and voice? Her voice is just hilarious. It always cracks me up. Good job on that class A numba one voice acting, sir.
Hey I love Adventure Time heart I always wondered is Fin the one that sings the song at the beggining of the show ?? oh and is the Flame Princess coming out in any other episodes ?? xd
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ỳoύя jύsτ αs soƒτ αs α ℓíoи ταмe∂
ỳoύя jύsτ αs ωєτ αs τhє єvєиíиg яαíи


As an artist, what made you want to draw? Have you ever had any troubles trying to achieve what you have achieved so far? And do you have any words of wisdom for any new aspiring artist?


ỳoύя ℓovє ís ∂яívíиg мє…
ỳoύя ∂яívíиg мє íиsαиє

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