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My question is: Though Fionna and Cake are fanfic creations of the Ice King, will there be more stories involving the pair since they appear to be quite popular?
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How many years has it been since the Great Mushroom War?
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I really found myself absorbed in the various back stories of the characters, particularly the Ice King aka Simon, and Billy. Are they any plans to elaborate more on the Ice King's past and show more of his progression to his current state or more about his condition? Also will we ever get to see more of Billy's back story, like an episode where it shows one of his adventures more in depth, or on the history of Ooh in general? I do enjoy how we've finally gotten to see the fire kingdom and gain more depth in the main characters and story along with all the wonderful, and often quite disturbing, random tasty nibblets thrown into the show.
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I've always wanted to ask...


It's like your blot bunnies decided to multiply into more plot bunnies, which decided to multiply to make EVEN MORE PLOT BUNNIES!
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My question:Will there be an adventure time CD. I would buy it if there was one.
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PLEASE make more Fiona and Cake episodes! I LUV THEM!!!
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Can we have more Marshall Lee?
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Adventure time,
C'mon, grab your friends,
We'll go to very distant Lands
With Jake the Dog,
And Finn the Human,
The Adventures'll never end,
It's Adventure Time!

so simple yet catchy
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Are you going to make more episodes with Fionna and Cake? I really enjoyed their episode. Marshall Lee, Prince Bubblegum and Ice Queen should come back too.
But it would be greatly appreciated if you could answer my question. I LOVE adventure time and I know everything you'll make will be amazing anyways.
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Hi, I was wondering if there was going to be any more Tree Trunks, or is she in that crystal apple forever? :3
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What's your favorite episode?
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I i`m wondering if you will make another girl version of finn and drake?

I want to see more Marshall Lee! >u<
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My Question:

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