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oh man.. any creature on the show.. dang.. well.. obvs i'd be.. ancient psychic tandem war elephant.. that elephant has mad power.. i suppose i'd need to psychic link with someone though to use it... so maybe that's not the best idea.. hrmm.. eh.. maybe i'd be the ice king.. he pretty much leads the life that i do now.. sitting in his apartment.. scrolling around on the internet.. using his ice magic for crafts.. mad crafts..

. . .
You have an excellent beard. Any tips for growing an excellent beard?
Hi P.Ward,

I love the show and recognize that part of the magic of adventure time it's condensed short-form narrative style, as a lot of other cartoons are. Nevertheless, I am a supercraysuperfan whose only criticism of Adventure Time is that there isn't enough of it everywhere in the world and in my life, so I was wondering if there's any potential for a super-sode or movie-length adventure time production?
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me and family flippin love adventure time. will there ever be a ps3 video game of adventure time? say yes say yes say yes lol

Please make a DS game first or a Nintendo Wii/Udraw game/ Wii U game that's not just a coloring book! idea
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Hello Mr Ward,

Many of us here working at Gaia love the show and think that you're a creative genius. Our art team has a question for you:

What was the first most memorable drawing that you ever did? Maybe something that let you find out that you're different or more creative than the average person?

        Woah even Lanzer can't resist Mr. Ward's level of excellence!
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The REAL Pendleton Ward
Hey Adventure Time fans,

I've got some very exciting news for you all!

On THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2012 at 6:00pm PT (Pacific Time) I'll be stopping by Gaia Online to hang out with fans in this thread, and to answer your questions about Adventure Time in a live interview/Q & A session!

Please feel free to join me for this event, and come armed with any questions about Adventure Time you'd like to have answered! I'll try my best to answer as many of your questions as I am able for the duration of the interview/ Q & A session.

Hope to see all of you Adventure Time fans here on Thursday!
- The Real Pendleton Ward

i wonder.... is adventure time a look in the future?
specifically what will happen after the great mushroom war
like in the episode holly jolly secrets we see ice kings the crown say it'll save his life
if we focus on the window beside him we see a plane after it passes we see the temperature
drops dramatically and of course in other episodes we've seen signs of civillazation.
so what was you're motive in creating adventure time.......
Any chance of Meemaw appearing in another AT episode? Will anymore fan submissions appear in AT?

yeah, I need to bring that up with the crew.. we do need to do the return of Me-Mow cause we left it hangin.. check out that assassins guild a little more
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I'm a BIG fan of adventure time and I was wondering if there was ever going to be an episode where Finn and Princess Bubblegum actually become a couple...? Or at least confess their love for each other? Instead of Jake always teasing Finn about having a crush on her.
Is their going to be an epsoide with Just Malissa and L.S.P?
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Hello, my questions are: When you originally came up with the concept of Adventure Time, were you aiming towards a show for kids 10 or younger or did you expect the high percentage of viewers being more into their teen years or older? And continuing from that, did you expect Adventure Time's popularity to be this big? The show has constantly been commented as a throw back to a time when Cartoon Network was full of funny, happy-go-lucky characters in their shows back in the 90's and early 2000's, do you agree with this?
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What does genderbent treetrunks look like, also genderbent flame princess?
Dashing Valentine
Mister Ward,

Would you ever consider doing a Live Action episode of Adventure Time? If so, who would you pick to play Finn, Princess Bubblegum, and Marceline?

I wish to know this, as well!
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Is MeMeow coming back again to revenge on Jake? And would it be on Lady Rainicorn and/or Princess Bubblegum?
And if there are going to be more of Fionna and Cake, would MeMeow be in it but a Mouse?
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Will there be any episodes with Marshall Lee? surprised
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(sorry for repost. This is getting lost in all the hubbabaloo)

Howdy Pen! How are you this fine evening?

I adore your show--I remember when it aired on Oh Yeah! Cartoons--and I thought it was ballin' then! You have no idea how excited I was when I heard CN was picking it up as a series.

I think it's really awesome that you guys made that Me-Mow episode based off of a kid's drawing.
I'm curious as to why you decided to do that. Did you meet the artist and make dreams come true? Do you think you would ever do something like that again?

What's with your love of auto tune? I mean--it's pretty funny--I'll give you that--but I'd kinda like to hear some non auto-tuned tunes on the show some time. *nudge nudge* It's because of the Bed Intruder song, isnit?

Did you ever work some crummy jobs when you were younger? I'm making pizzas now, and it's horrid.

Where did you get inspiration for LSP's character and voice? Her voice is just hilarious. It always cracks me up. Good job on that class A numba one voice acting, sir.

Alsooo..... I love Natasha's Gender Bender episode and characters. Any chance of seeing another Ice King Fan Fiction episode?

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