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I love Adventure Time. Finn and Jake are characters I hoped I would see when I was growing up! Thanks for making my wish come true! Also Cake and Fiona were great ideas too! Where'd you get your ideas for the vast plot and characters?
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Thanks for taking questions Mr. Ward I am sure you are a busy person.
1.Werewolf Queen will we ever see her?
2.Clarence and Warrior Princess will we ever see the story that led up to the battle?
3.What is the reasoning behind 15min episodes besides 30?
4.When is Bubblegum gonna sing a song? She came close in The Door Lord episode but to no avail.
Adventure time is one of my favorite shows thanks for the laughs! "LUMPS"
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I love adventure time xD

My question is: When lady rainicorn speaks Korean can u put a English subtitle?
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The REAL Pendleton Ward
Hey Adventure Time fans,

I've got some very exciting news for you all!

On THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2012 at 6:00pm PT (Pacific Time) I'll be stopping by Gaia Online to hang out with fans in this thread, and to answer your questions about Adventure Time in a live interview/Q & A session!

Please feel free to join me for this event, and come armed with any questions about Adventure Time you'd like to have answered! I'll try my best to answer as many of your questions as I am able for the duration of the interview/ Q & A session.

Hope to see all of you Adventure Time fans here on Thursday!
- The Real Pendleton Ward

Why are there sails in every episode? I noticed! biggrin

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gaia_kittenstar Does Peincess bubblegum like Finn too?? yum_cupcake yum_puddi
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the characters are pretty cute and the scenes in the show is pretty creative
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I want to know more about the history of Ooo. Such as more info on the mushroom wars and of marceline's past. Could you shed some light on these topics?
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Can I get your autograph!? Your show is so amazing. I want to hug that amazingly creative brain of yours. I wish I could watch it more but its hard without tv at the moment but my sister and her kids keep me up to date. Also will the history of the Mushroom War ever unfold more?
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Please make ice king have a niece. :O
Or make a Marshmallow princess.
Amazing Work. o u o You changed my life forever. o u o <3
...I want to swallow a Computer now....
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I hear there will be another Fionna and Cake episode,and if so will Marshal Lee have any speaking roles? biggrin
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Soooo.. Could the Adventure Time Team use an Intern? I sure know how to fetch a mean coffee, and possibly a sandwich if the need arises.
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me encanta cuando lo veonda sonrisa -: cute:
As Finn survived the war of the fungi?
jake should meet his parents

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