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is memow going to be in any of the upcoming episodes i just love that mini-kitty
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Hello Pendleton!! I have some art related questions!

When you're drawing, how do you come up with ideas? What originally inspired you to work with simple shapes and line, and how did the idea of Adventure Time and its characters come to be? Also, outside of Adventure Time, what do you like to draw, and what mediums do you use? Are you inspired by any other artists, and who? Did your style change drastically over the years or have you always drawn fun characters with simple shapes?

Much appreciated, hope you read this! (I'm currently studying Illustration at art school so this would be a great help!)


P.S. My friends and I made Adventure Time costumes for last Halloween, from the gender bending episode. I'm the one dressed as Cake! There is a video somewhere on tumblr of us singing and playing "Oh Fionna!" in costume too!

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Hay Pen, id like to know if you could do a Male Character that likes finn, or at least suggests that, like marceline and Bonibelle, please?
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Will there be more Cake and Fionna episodes? It was my favorite.
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Mr. Pen,

I know I have asked a lot of questions in this thread, but I'm so excited to know that you're actually here, possibly reading all of this spam and meeting a small portion of your fanbase. I want to ask you though, as many other already have: Consider making a cross-over episode of AT, where Fionna and Cake aren't just characters in the Ice King's fanfiction, but actual beings in their own universe, and somehow Finn and Jake get sucked into Fionna and Cake's world, and visa versa?

Thanks in advanced, and I hope you read this <3
How much, if at all, is the Land of Ooo mapped out? I'm fine with the lack of specific geography, and I don't expect EVERY minor location to be kept track of, I'm just curious.
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what did the upper lip say to the bottom lip?

I mustache you a question!

Question: what where your favorite cartoons as a kid?
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. . .

Mr.Horse add me ... lets get married. you can be my 4th husband in my man harem biggrin

. . .

add me horse ..... just do it emotion_dowant
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omg omg omg omg yum_puddi yum_puddi yum_puddi

I love your show! my Question is yum_puddi What gave you the inspiration to make Adventure time and the characters?
Where did you figure out the idea to include the random snail?
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What inspired you to create this series?
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just one question. . .
can i have a fist bump? emotion_kirakira
Bleh. This is going to turn into a list.
1. Can you tell us more about the Mushroom War/When will more episodes that reveal stuff be airing?
2. What are the chances the Huntress Wizard will make a return?
3. What are your thoughts on the insane popularity of Marshal Lee, regardless of his SUPER brief appearance?
4. Who are your top three favorite actors that you've gotten to work with on the show?
5. If you were to make an Adventure Time movie, what would you want it to be about?
6. Are there plans to release any more AT toys? I've seen plenty of shirts, but it would be cool to see more stuff like Finn's sword and the Finn and Jake action figures.
7. What inspired the snail that you put into each episode?
8. When might we see the return of Me-Mow? If there was a gender bent counter part to Me-Mow, what would you name it?
9. What, if any, conventions have you gone to representing AT? I work for an anime convention in Spokane, WA, and I know that a ton of our attendees love the show.
10. What are your thoughts on the incredible success of the AT comic? Or, for that matter, how much of a success do you see the comic as?
11. Have you ever thought about making an AT encyclopedia? Like, a guide to the creatures, notable figures, etc. Maybe an article that includes some different phrases that they use (i.e. mathematical, blue balooby, wagglesags, blop dumps, etc.).

Not to hound you with questions or anything.

For #1:

oh the mushroom war... the mushroom war.. i talked a little bit about this at wondercon.. ... well i saw some clip of adventure time on youtube the other day and under it one of the comments said something like "if adventure time ever shows what happened in the past.. how the land of Ooo came to be.. it's going to be really really sad". eh.. which is true.. i don't really want to delve into the mushroom war too much.. we'll continue to show glimpses of it.. you'll see a bunch of glimpses of it in the finale to season four... but.. finn and jake don't care about history.. they live in the now.. like Buddha.
What made you think of including 2 characters that didnt even or rarely included fin and jake?
I love Fionna and Cake!

Cutest kitty ever! <3

How do you feel about the lesbian fan-pairing of Marceline and Bubblegum? Do you oppose to the creativity, or support it?

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