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Uh oh....
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Ah, good day to you.
I've been a big fan of your show for a while now, and it'd be nice if I could ask you a few questions about your success so far.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists that would like to have something like your current job in the future?
Also, how difficult was it for you in college? (i.e. the cost, time management, etc.)
And lastly, would you recommend any art schools?
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Wow he's so bombarded by questions XD

Anyways heart Adventure Time Mr. Ward, keep at it! smile
what did monochromeacorn say to cake in the gender bending episode?
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How about some Motzart!?
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It's like I can here his voice while i'm reading his posts emotion_kirakira

what does his voice sound like? ;D

meh i'll pretend
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I love when Finn sings in Auto-tune. Can we expect more of that? ^_^
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I hate so much to repost, but I fear my questions are likely to get lost in all the hubbabaloo. I really wanna know about Me-Mow!

Howdy Pen! How are you this fine evening?

I adore your show--I remember when it aired on Oh Yeah! Cartoons--and I thought it was ballin' then! You have no idea how excited I was when I heard CN was picking it up as a series.

I think it's really awesome that you guys made that Me-Mow episode based off of a kid's drawing. I'm curious as to why you decided to do that. Did you meet the artist and make dreams come true? Do you think you would ever do something like that again?

What's with your love of auto tune? I mean--it's pretty funny--I'll give you that--but I'd kinda like to hear some non auto-tuned tunes on the show some time. *nudge nudge* It's because of the Bed Intruder song, isnit?

Did you ever work some crummy jobs when you were younger? I'm making pizzas now, and it's horrid.

Where did you get inspiration for LSP's character and voice? Her voice is just hilarious. It always cracks me up. Good job on that class A numba one voice acting, sir.

Alsooo..... I love Natasha's Gender Bender episode and characters. Any chance of seeing another Ice King Fan Fiction episode?
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The REAL Pendleton Ward
I hope you can answer this one sir.

Will there be a third universe for AT? I mean the alternate one being Fiona and Cake is cool, but will we be seeing a Universe wherein Finn is just a normal teenage boy and Jake is his dog? or where they cross into real life (Played by human actors and a yellow dog ocourse) .. Thank you and I love your show man
Do you watch animations on the internet ( like on Newgrounds or Youtube) and do you think that you would like to make some for the internet?

P.S. I saw the Pokémon short biggrin
hey are gonna make a new verison of finn and jake
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I just came here to say hi. emotion_bigheart
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Is Jake based on a past or present pet of yours?
Mr Ward heart

Thank you for coming to a public forum to take fan questions, that's really cool of you.

Without hyperbole I believe I can say Adventure Time is the best show I've ever watched. I love the characters and their growing and changing relationships, I love the themes and the scenery, and everything about it is lovely and charming and brilliant.

My first question comes from my friend, I ask in his stead: Aside from being creator of the series, we don't see things like a writer credit on the episodes. How much of your personal input goes into each episode, do you control much of the story?

Second is a little more complicated.

It believe it was made clear that Susan Strong is a human; Finn felt inside her hood and he smiled, if he felt something other than human ears he probably would have been sad and grossed out. So this leads me to wonder 1) Did the remaining humans start to wear animal hoods to evade predation from creatures like rainicorns? and 2) Susan Strong and Finn both have blonde hair, they are strong and have a pretty fantastic set of morals: Is it possible that Susan Strong is Finn's mother? If 1 is true, then that would explain why baby Finn is found wearing an animal hood as opposed to it just being a cute part of character design.

O: I'm so excited

Also, really looking forward to more Flame Princess!

yeah.. the first season i wrote.. so much of it.. but when it came time to doll out credits.. eh.. i don't know.. i didn't want to put my name all over it.. i don't care.. my name's on the front of each show.. that's plenty of name.. but i have a hand in every episode.. some more than others.. tell me what jokes and lines are your favorites and i'll try to tell you who wrote them.. i may have written some of them..

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