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What inspired you to make Adventure Time? biggrin
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Was Finn and Jake inspired by anyone in your life? And would you eat the Candy Kingdom if you wanted to?
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Thanks Pendleton (:
Hey Pendleton! When are you going to have an adventure time panel in L.A again like the one in The Paley Media Center?? biggrin
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Yeata Zi
Oh, my! This is so exciting! I'm all a fluster!

I hope we're not too much for Pen!

It's already too much for myself! I swear, once i get finished reading a page, there's four more added. OoO!!!
I am having quite the same issue, Mister Siefren.

Golly, I hope Mister Ward isn't overwhelmed by all his lady and gentlemen callers.
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Would you consider having more characters that speak in foreign languages? Such as Lady Rainicorn with her Korean.

*plooka plooka*
I am a big fan of Adventure Time. Thank you so much for giving us a cartoon full of creativity and fun.
I understand if you don't have enough time for this question, but since this may be my only opportunity to ask you a question, I must know: What advice can you give to young and creative people who want to write professionally?

advice for youngins.. eh.. mm.. well.. i know looking back at my earliest work.. my student films.. and my earliest comics.. if future me was looking at that stuff.. future me would be thinking "dang that stuff is not that great.. and this kid.. is probly not gonna figure his biz out" .... heh... but i did figure my biz out... which gives me hope that other kids can figure it out too.... and i think what i had goin for me when i was younger was.. bein crazy motivated to have a show... and i wasn't attached to my work.. when I was pitching ideas.. if an executive didn't like my idea I would scrap it and start over without worrying about it.. I had an unrealistic sense of confidence... i think you need that.. if you have it.. you probably don't know you have it cause you're an egomaniac.. if you don't have it.. then i think you can fake it.. you only need bursts of it to plow through the hollywood business end of getting a show.. hrmm.. not sure this advice is.. really.. solid.. uhh.. well.. the simplest but truest advice is draw all the time.. carry a sketchbook with you and draw everything around you.. film making contests are great.. you can have a contest with your friends over a weekend if you have nothing better to do.. try animating a short cartoon over a weekend and then putting it up on youtube.. setting challenges like that are great ways to kick something creative out the door if you have trouble getting motivated.. make contests.. the prize being a film you created.. heh.. that's kind of nerdy.
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SO MANY POSTS! Let's slow down a bit, 'kay? It must be really hard to be Mr. Ward right now.
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[NPC] Horse
. . .

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Shadow the Nightmare Lord
Ran For My Life

Then may I ask you why do you support a show that put’s dirty thoughts into little children’s minds?

Give me examples of those "Dirty Thoughts".
And then I'll answer.
Hey, I got a idea for the episode! Think you can have the episode where Finn ends up swapping bodies with Princess Bubblegum?
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Can you give us some tips to stay creative and have awesome ideas like yours?

P.S. I'm your fan.
The REAL Pendleton Ward
Hi everyone,

I'm here! I really like your anime haircuts. They're so cute.

Hi, I really love your show! emotion_kirakira
Question: What inspired you in creating the land of Ooo characters and scenery? :3
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You should make more episoides on where Fin has his new crush, like more episoides about them.
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OH MY GRAWSH! emotion_kirakira
All I have to say is keep up with the amazing work I'm a huge fan of Adventure Time :'D Please please make more episodes with LSP and Lady Rainicorn~! :'D heart

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