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When are Princess BubbleGum and Finn getting married?

Are we going to get another episode of Cake and Fiona?
I would like to ask if we would ever see my favorite character Magic Man! agian.

Also as a fellow voice actor what helped you decide who should voice who.
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Is Finn & PB going to date? surprised
So my question is,

Why is finn in love with Princess bubblegum when it says shes eighteen?
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I love your show!

your sig is so funny to me
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First off I'll say your show has been quite the highlight for me. So thank you for making something entertaining and enjoyable.

Will there be anymore further adventures with Fiona and Cake by chance?
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A few years back you came to my college in Detroit when you were working on Flap Jack at the time and showed us the pilot for Adventure Time before it got picked up. My question is how is does it feel to finally have your show picked up, and what do you think of your fan base for the show?

Glad to see you got it out!
- Zygona
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Are you gonna make anymore episodes using fionna and cake? using the girl version of the episode??
that one of my favs. 4laugh
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Bleh. I just want to know more about the Mushroom War.
Also, what are the chances the Huntress Wizard will make a return?
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Is Finn's hat supposed to be from a polar bear?

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Adventure Time Questions:
1) What inspired you to make "Adventure Time"?
2) Will we, the fans see more seasons in the future?
3) What goes on in the studio when making "Adventure Time" episodes?
4) How do you get a job in cartoon animations to make or help make shows like "Adventure Time"?
5) Any Tips for aspiring graphic artist, cartoon animators, designers etc?

* You don't have to answer all of these, sorry for the mini list* sweatdrop

EDIT: I love how you guys took fan art and put it into the show itself, I think thats an awesome idea, most people dream of having their creations on their favorite show. wink
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Hi I was wondering if Finn will ever get together with PB your show is awsome keep up da good work
QUESTION! Is there a planned release date for Season 1 and Season 2 on DVD? The current releases only sound like an assortment of random episodes! Love the show. <3
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I must say I love your name <3 mostly because it sounds like some kind of asylum..So tell me, Mr. Ward, I admire your creativity! How does it feel to get something you created into something millions of people enjoy? I hope to publish a novel with the same effect..

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