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The REAL Pendleton Ward
How old do you think someone should be to watch Adventure Time surprised ?
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In the "Little DiD You Know..." if the My Two Favorite People DVD, it says that the Ice King is 600-ish years old. Can we take everything on this DVD as canon? But on the Adventure Time Wikia site, it says that the Ice King is 1000+ years old. I'm not sure if they got that from the episodes, but which is true?

If the Ice King is really only 600-ish years old, and Marceline is 1,000 years old, then was Marceline a vampire before the Great Mushroom War, or at least, before the Ice King turned into...Well, the Ice King?
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Hey there mr. ward!
My girlfriend and i watched the
first episode of adventure time years ago, when finn was penn and jake was still just jake.
I loved the world out of that little clip, i thought it was hilarious. Hell i still watch it to this day.
Now i haven't been able to give adventure time a shot since, i don't have cable, but i was just curious as to how you feel about having your show going
from something on youtube, to such a huge mainstream hit, and how in the world the idea came to you.
Thanks for taking the time to answer my question!
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Is Finn the only human because all the others died or became mutants (candy people, elves, witches)
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i wish to ask you a question does cake have any magic powers becuase i cannot see them and i love adventure time and i wish to see (also) a boy fire princess i wish to see fire prince
asdfghjkdf what will happen when Finn grows up? :c
What's the theory behind it, is there any?
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Is it possible you can make one of your characters on your show off of one of us on here Gaia...*swift eyes and points at me* ?

Ah ha just wondering also, Hello.
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The REAL Pendleton Ward
Hey Adventure Time fans,

I've got some very exciting news for you all!

On THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2012 at 6:00pm PT (Pacific Time) I'll be stopping by Gaia Online to hang out with fans in this thread, and to answer your questions about Adventure Time in a live interview/Q & A session!

Please feel free to join me for this event, and come armed with any questions about Adventure Time you'd like to have answered! I'll try my best to answer as many of your questions as I am able for the duration of the interview/ Q & A session.

Hope to see all of you Adventure Time fans here on Thursday!
- The Real Pendleton Ward

What time is it? emotion_awesome
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I was wondering if as a kid you imagined characters like finn and jake. if so were they part of your inspiration?
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Oh please please PLEASE will you give us more fionna, cake, gumball, and marshall? I'll love you forever!
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Is the Land of Ooo the only continent on the planet? Are there even other continents? Also, are there islands? Jake sings about a "tropical island" but I haven't seen an episode that has an island in it.

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I really want to know whats with the waving snail in every episode.

Oh Oh Oh me too!!!!
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Wow this thread sure did move fast.

Great cartoon series mr Pendleton. I see a lot of people enjoy its diversity of weirdness. good weirdness.

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