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Can someone add me here? I don't use facebook for this game. BTW, i need starseeds and evolution potions. Mostly starseeds though.
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I don't use facebook for this, but feel free to add me! Just mention MoGa in the request. ^ - ^ I desperately need neighbors! I give out as many free gifts as I can a day, don't seem to get any back though. crying
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Tricky Lunatic

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Anyone need a neighbor? I'm active daily and I send seeds.
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Not facebook! Add me here, please smile
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Generous Fatcat

No Facebook! Add me on here please~!
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Please add me help me with seeds and potions.

and let me also help.

I will be online tomorrow morning.
Active Daily Player!

I need Active neighbors, Starseeds, 100hp pots, and Evol. Pots razz

heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
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Clean Hunter

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add me please, I need neighbors pronto
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Interesting Gawker

Add me please
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Angelic Strawberry

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add me as a neighbor!

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