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i play everyday
Bumpig haha

Really need some neighbors (:
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Eddie E-X
Seeing as I've already taken it upon myself to keep track which of my neighbors are active/lose interest in the game less than a week after of playing, I figured I'd start a thread of players that are currently actively playing the game.

Post here then add me to your friends and neighbors to have yourself added to the active player list, those who disappear from the game for more than a week or excessive idling will be removed from the list.
That said, if you don't post in here I'll assume you don't want to be added to the active player list.

Needless to say, if you send friend requests, make sure you let them know WHY. Simply putting "Monster Galaxy" will get the point across.

Please do not send me requests for Resort World as I do not play it nor will I.

If you go inactive for a period of time and find yourself un-neighbored and want to be put back underneath "active", simply post in the thread again.

I can't speak for others, but I won't be sending items to inactive players. If you're not playing everyday and keeping your whistle tree watered, don't be shocked to find yourself receiving less gifts.

Better lay out and info to come as I get less lazy and do it.

I play regularly add me? emotion_kirakira
Still monitoring who is and isn't active. Wasn't kicking people off the list for inactivity due to the holidays, but those are over now.
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Need a lot of neighbors blaugh I'm a newbie
Still need a bunch of people so I can send the seeds! Anyone is free to add me!
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Feel free to add me biggrin
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Liberal Explorer

New, add me?
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I would like to apply to your fantastic neighborhood please
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I play the game every day. Definitely could use more Neighbors.
Would you guys add me? uwu I play daily
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Revered Noob

But, but I'm active. I'm very active actually.
I water my tree everyday and stuffs and I'm not in the list. emo
Do you have any idea how to send a gift to all neighbors in one click? It's hard to choose them one by one. emotion_0A0

Oh, you posted this so I never added you, I wasn't sure if you wanted to be a part of it or not.
Corrected this now.
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Revered Noob

Eddie E-X
Awh yay, I'm glad now that you've added me to the list.
Thank you. c:
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very helpful thread! thanks 3nodding

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