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Happy Halloween to everyone! heart heart heart
Going to take my little munchkin out tonight. He is a wiggly little ball of excitement.
We're making my love dress up in a ridiculous costume this year. And he's going to be the one to go door-to-door with our little goofball.
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It's almost time for trick or treating with my honey and baby.
Not until it gets darker though.
We're going out with some other mommies and daddies that we are friends with.
I was so happy to see more houses than usual get in the Halloween spirit. It's still not that many but it's more than usual. Maybe Halloween is making a comeback!
I think I've given up on the attacking achievement. Oh well.
I am still waiting for my friend to send me those "traveling pants" so I can get that achievement. Not that I've actually asked.
I wonder how early kids will be out. It gets dark around 6pm or 6:30pm. I can't remember what time I always went out as a kid.
We always have people from other areas drive over here to trick or treat. Maybe because our neighborhood is safer than say downtown areas.
Some parents are also so lazy that they drive their kids house to house.
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Hi! I helped you, it would be kind of you to do the same

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I had to make sure to come on for just a few minutes to make a post or two.

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