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Thanks everyone for helping me out with my other achievements. heart
To give back, feel free to post your threads here, and I'll add them to the front page for others to see too. If you want to be advertised, give me a quote! When the roster begins to empty I typically search for threads 10 or so pages back that haven't had much luck, so hope you don't mind the extra boost. 3nodding

Rules and Guidelines:
Update: Since this is becoming a recent issue, I will state this here for everyone to see:
I will ONLY advertise achievement threads or threads you would like to get an achievement from (aka getting Threadmaster on your quest thread or whatever). I unfortunately will not advertise anything else: no shops, no guilds, no quest threads, no charities, no contest threads UNLESS YOU ARE TRYING TO GET AN ACHIEVEMENT ON SAID THREAD. I might take a look at it, but I will NOT advertise it here. I won't get mad at you for it and I am not mad at anyone who has done it before, but I CANNOT help you in that case.

The type of advertisement I will NOT stand for are links that lead OUTSIDE of Gaia. THESE, my friends, are against the TOS, and I WILL blacklist and report you if you link anything of the sort here. I've already had numerous issues with offsite advertising here, and I will NOT tolerate it in any way. You have been warned.

The following are just guidelines, so it won't bother me if you don't pay attention to these:
1 - I'm not likely to change my avi to help with Nudist Colonies or Hive Minds or Prayer Circles, BUT I'll be more likely to help if you ask my mule account that frequents the thread too. However, if you are very close to completing it, I will likely jump in.
2 - I can help with Clambakes and will not likely gender bend again in the future. I've done it twice, and as much as I love it, I think I've gotten my fill. I have a male mule account you are happy to ask for assistance with Sausage Fest.
3 - If you refer me to an active Hive Mind thread you'd like to participate in but you do not have the required item, I will probably buy it for you if it's not too expensive. Just ask... you never know.
4 - I can gift you something or trade you something for Someone Likes You and Swap Meet. It won't be worth much, but I can do it. Just ask.
5 - I have a pair of wings available so you can gift me Buck Teeth for Tooth Fairy. Just poke me when I'm online and I can put them on for you.
6 - Feel free to link to your shop for Marketplace related achievements. I won't spend too much, but I'll be happy to help you out if the prices are reasonable and I want something enough.
7 - I accept all friend requests for achievements, but I am likely to take you off my friends list after you get the achievement unless you leave a good impression on me and maybe talk a little or something.
8 - If you need a tip achievement, I might just spam tip you until you get it. Hope you catch me in a money flinging mood.
9 - The more often you pop in the thread, the more likely I am to spoil you. heart

All bumps are appreciated and tipped, although I might only tip the first few if you bump a bunch in a row. xd Since tip amounts have increased from 25 to 10k, I'm only going to tip people who haven't earned all the Tipsy achievements yet. I'll also tip you if you're a regular bumper here in the thread, but I can't tip all your posts anymore. I'm not active enough on Gaia anymore to make back that kind of gold if I tip the same way I did before. Thanks for your understanding~

My Achievements To Be Earned
Conventioneer - Last basic achievement to earn, and I'd be very grateful if someone was generous enough to help with this. heart
Alchemy Level 4 - Working away....

Help these threads too! - These threads may need more than the category they're in.
Quote me to be added to the list, and try to quote me again when your goal is achieved.
(The ones with a heart next to it have been on the list for a while and could really use the help!)

- Popular Threads/Mega threads:
Starburst Colors- PH

- Inquisitors:
Count Cyanide

- Firestarters:
Toxic Panties 23

- Threadmasters:
Light at Worlds End

- Ultimate Player:
Anyone can add me, Skyler Dunes, Jethro Veltread, Detra Melfic, Kia803, Zansatsu, Your Purple Monkey, and my mule, The-Lord-Alotana.
Skyler, Jethro, Kia, Your Purple Monkey, and I have the achievement already, so you can remove us afterwards. Detra, Zansatsu, and Alotana could still use help with it.

- My Regulars:
Skyler Dunes
Jethro Veltread
Detra Melfic
The-Lord-Alotana (my mule account)

- Other Help Threads: If you'd like to be added, give me a quote.
Satanic PandaCakes

- Cool Threads of Cool People:
Thank you for all for helping me with my completed achievements! I'll be browsing the Achievements Forum for others in need, so feel free to ask me for help.
heart Thanks everyone! heart
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Helped, here is a boost to your clambake heart

Firestarter, Inquisitor and Tipsy

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Popular Thread - 50 replies
Mega Tipsy/Big Tipper - if you tip me, I'll tip back. If I don't tip back for a while and I'm online, you can also quote me.
Clambake - Help me out please, ladies? (Let's try and start with this one)
Sausage Fest - Help me out please, guys?
Nudist Colony - Help me out please... nudists? xd
The Perfect Setup - Quote me please?

I haven't worked on my achievements much, so I figured I'd get started. Post your threads too, and I'll do what I can to help. heart Thanks everyone!

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Helped! heart Voted, <3 and tipped.

I would be very thankful if you helped me HERE </3

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ gaia_angelright
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Ahoy, ye hearties! Us be havin' our booty soon! Yarr!

Me helped ye, will ye help yer matey back? [Threadmaster + Inquisitor] Ye can win shiney booty!

Fifteen men on a dead cack-handed deck ape's chest
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
Drink and the devil had done for the rest
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.
We wrapped 'em all in a mains'l tight
With twice ten turns of a hawser's bight
And we heaved 'em over and out of sight,
With a Yo-Heave-Ho! and a fare-ye-well
And a sudden plunge in the sullen swell
Ten fathoms deep on the road to Davy Jones's locker,
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!Fifteen men on a dead cack-handed deck ape's chest
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
Drink and the devil had done for the rest
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.
We wrapped 'em all in a mains'l tight
With twice ten turns of a hawser's bight
And we heaved 'em over and out of sight,
With a Yo-Heave-Ho! and a fare-ye-well
And a sudden plunge in the sullen swell
Ten fathoms deep on the road to Davy Jones's locker,Fifteen men on a dead cack-handed deck ape's chest
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
Drink and the devil had done for the rest
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.
We wrapped 'em all in a mains'l tight
With twice ten turns of a hawser's bight
And we heaved 'em over and out of sight,
With a Yo-Heave-Ho! and a fare-ye-well
And a sudden plunge in the sullen swell
Ten fathoms deep on the road to Davy Jones's locker,
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
Shiver me timbers! Yar! Grab me booty! Walk tha' plank! Batten down tha hatches. Swab tha deck! Get Buried treasure! You are a PIRATE! Where's me parrot? Ye scallywags!Percack-handed deck apeent! All hands on ME! Arrr matey! Yo ho and Avast!Ahoy, Aye, Booty, Black Spot, Jolly Roger, Landlubber, Matey
Parley, Pirate, Shiver me timbers, Walk the plank, Parrot, Helm, Bow
pirate wench ahoy matey jolly roger davy jones booty shiver me timbers scurvy
Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! - exhortation of discontent or disgust
Ahoy! - Hello!
Ahoy, Matey - Hello, my friend!
Ahoy, ye Hearties! - the same as saying "Hello, my friends!"
All hand hoay! - comparable to all hands on deck
Avast ye - avast ye! and check this out or pay attention
Aye - yes
Batten down the hatches - put everything away on the ship and tie everything down because a storm is brewing
Bilge-sucking - insult
Blimey! - exhortation of surprise
Blow me down! - expression of shock of disbelief akin to "Holy Crap!"
Blow the cack-handed deck ape down - command to kill someone
Booty - treasure
Buccaneer - a pirate
Bucko - a buccaneer
Cat O'Nine Tails - a whip with nine strands
Corsair - pirates in the Mediterranean Sea
Crow's nest - small platform atop the mast where the lookout stands
Cutlass - short heavy curved bladed sword used by pirates
Davy Jones' Locker - fabled, mythical place at the bottom of the ocean where the evil spirit of Davy Jones brings sailor and pirates to die
Dead men tell no tales - phrase indicating to leave no survivors
Doubloons - other coins or found in pirate hoards and stashes
Feed the fish - will soon die
Hang 'im from the yardarm - punishment of those captured in battle
Head - the pirate ship's toilet
Heave Ho - give it some muscle and push it
Hempen Halter - a noose for hanging
Hornswaggle - to defraud or cheat out of money or belongings
Jacob's Ladder - the rope ladder one uses to climb aboard a sloop
Jolly Roger - pirate's flag including white skull and crossbones over a black field
Keelhaul - punishment in which a person where dragged underneath the pirate ship from side to side and was lacerated by the barnacles on the vessel
Lad, lass, lassie - a younger person
Landlubber - big, slow clumsy person who doesn't know how to sail
Letters of Marque - letters issue from governments during wartime to privateers endorsing the piracy of another vessel
Man-O-War - pirate's ship outfitted for battle
Me - my
Mizzen - third mast from the bow of the ship on ships that have three or more masts
Old Salt - an experienced sailor
Pieces of eight - coins or found in pirate stashes
Pillage - rob, sack or plunder
Poop deck - the part of the ship farthest to the back, which is usually above the captain's quarters. This is not the bathroom.
Privateer - government-sponsored pirates
Rum - pirate's traditional alcoholic beverage
Run a shot across the bow - warning shot to another vessel's captain
Savvy? - do ye understand and do ye agree?
Scallywag - mild insult akin to rapscallion or rogue
Scurvy dog - the pirate is talking directly to ye with mild insult
Scuttle - to sink a ship
Seadog - old pirate or sailor
Shark bait - will soon join Davy Jones' Locker
Shipshape - cleaned up and under control
Shiver me timbers! - comparable to "Holy Crap!"
Son of a Biscuit Eater - insult directed towards someone ye don't like
Thar she blows! - Whale sighting
Three sheets to the wind - someone who is very drunk. One sheet is mildly three sheets to the wind and four sheets is passed out.
Walk the plank - punishment in which person walks off a board jutting over the side of the ship while at sea. The consequence is drowning and a visit to Davy Jones' Locker.
Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen! - pull up the anchor and the sail and let's get going
Ye - you
Yo Ho Ho - cheerful exhortation to demand attention
Avast Ye
Shiver me timbers
seven seas
poop deck
walk the plank
Davy Jones' Locker
poop deck
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pirate bump
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If you still need it ...

That's what she said

Helped/helping bump biggrin
Help me with mine, prease?
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  • Over Easy 100
helped, help me back please
I still need more votes on my firestarter, it needs to stay at 0 as well, please and thank you
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Helped :3 Can you help me?

Link to my thread

Voted, polledandtipped. This should help you with your achievements. p.s. my avi is female but has a male body equip on

Tip, Downvote and Poll please
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  • Perfect Attendance 400
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Done! Please help me with these achievements?

Firestarter and Mega Tipsy: Click!

Threadmaster: User Image
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