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questioning my authority eh?

No, Sir 0.18518518518519 18.5% [ 10 ]
all day long 0.25925925925926 25.9% [ 14 ]
you didn't say anything 0_0 0.18518518518519 18.5% [ 10 ]
only because it's funny 0.24074074074074 24.1% [ 13 ]
grold with a growl 0.12962962962963 13.0% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 54 ]
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Bumping again

Mind to help back again? >w<

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Kool Kristan
Also going for the nudist colony here

I'm not falling for that. You're just trying to get me out of my clothes. razz

aw, you weren't suppose to catch on to that.
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Hello all, thanks you for checking this post. If you can help me with any of the following achievements, I will do my best to help you.

Achievements still needed sad

Mega Tipsy: Please tip the first post, thank you smile
Popular thread: I need 50 replies, so just keep posting!

Achievements accomplished biggrin
The perfect set up: quote me with "That's what she said."

Please like to keep this thread rolling!

That's what she said.
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Please quote me with "That's what she said." for TWSS! <3'd and tipped. Need tips! o3o
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Helped. Thank you!

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