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Oh, hey! It's a poll. You should vote! : ] Would you kindly?

You don't say? 0.34905660377358 34.9% [ 37 ]
I have voted 0.20754716981132 20.8% [ 22 ]
Bioshock references 0.23584905660377 23.6% [ 25 ]
No 0.056603773584906 5.7% [ 6 ]
Maybe 0.15094339622642 15.1% [ 16 ]
Total Votes:[ 106 ]
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Little I3ird
Halped. c:


Thank you, Sweetheart.
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Demonic Kitten

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Feral Cutie-Pie

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Trying to get the firestarter achievement.
And I love AWOLnation

Firestarter Achieved. You all are awesome C :
But now!

I want to rise from the ashes and turn up the love.
I want to lament not being able to see SHM and pay tribute to them, cause ya know?
Doing that song lyric thing.

So! Help me get Threadmaster? C :
<3s, please.

Please help out?
More than happy to return the favor.


If you'd like to vote, that'd be awesome too.
I've decided to start trying to get more achievements cause it's a good time killer.

A huge thank you to all those who have helped thus far.

http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/achievements/firestarter/t.83396055/ pls help me back with </3 i gave you some <3

Quoted C :
II Purr II

Gave you a </3
Thank you
Form Abattoir

[ A <3 for you. If you wouldn't mind helping me out in return. My link is in my signature. :3 ]
Wild Ajjax
Form Abattoir

[ A <3 for you. If you wouldn't mind helping me out in return. My link is in my signature. :3 ]

Thank you so much for your help.
It was returned.
A <3 and voted.
Best of luck with your thread.
Form Abattoir

[ Thank you and good luck as well ]
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Toothsome Lunatic

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Apple Tofuu
<3'd! 4laugh

Help me out too?

Helped out.
Thank you so much.
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Questionable Hunter

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