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Quotable Codger

We did it! I got Hive Mind, thank you so much, that was tough. If anyone else needs help, let me know. I hope others hoping for the achievement were also successful
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Shy Fatcat

i've always been unlucky with hive xD
hope this works!
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Deadly Pants

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I need Hive Mind so badly! crying Glad to help, thanks for helping with my Threadmaster Achievement.
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heart heart heart
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Alright, let's try this again

I'm going for Hive Mind here, only post if you are wearing ONLY the 4th amigo lucki pants, as I am now, and stay in them until I get the achievement please, I'll let you know here when I'm done. If you'd like to help and don't have a pair, they are dirt cheep, or I have a bunch for some reason.

I appreciate your help, and please remember, wear and stay in only the pants. cool

Thank you all smile

Let me know when you get the achievement.

Also, if anybody needs them, offer me a cheap trade, I will throw one or three at you. I'm drowning in them. Any amigo pants still surviving this will be sold in my shop for 1 g to try for that over stocked achievement. I have more than enough.

Also, SAUSAGEFEST! BOYS ONLY! Come all! Bring your bro's, bring your buds! Let's do this!
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Shameless Lunatic

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Helped! XD Any men want to help me on my sausage-fest thread too? O:

Mah Thread (Sausage-fest)
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Mega Man-Lover

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Kay, I'm in the pants. Good luck!

Anyone willing to help me out? thanks!
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Anxious Sex Symbol

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  • Gaian 50
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Girl-Crazy Streaker

Pls tell me as soon as your done. I feel a little silly >.<
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Witty Dabbler

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  • Marathon 300
Good luck!
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Fashionable Ladykiller

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