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Okay, so this used to be a Clambake thread, but now I have decided to turn this into my achievement thread so that I don't clog up this forum with all the achievements I want. =3 Here is a list of the achievements I need.

Clambake: 15 people with female avatars posting on one page
Popular Thread: 50 replies in one topic
The Perfect Setup: Quote one of my posts with "That's what she said."
Forum Regular: I need to make 100 posts total.
Mark Twain: I need to get quoted 100 times.
Megathread: 500 replies in one topic. =D
Conversationalist: I need 1000 posts on the forums. O_O
Tipsy: I need to get tipped once.
Big Tipper: I need to tip 50 posts.
Mega Tipsy: I need to receive 49 more tips.
Super Tipsy: I need to receive 100 total tips.

I will update this list as I get more achievements available. =) Feel free to post your topics so that I can help you in return. If you don't post any topic of yours, I will probably tip your post. Thanks and have a great day! =)
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Helped. Can you help me in my thread. smile )
Vote and <3
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Hope this helps you out.

If you don't care to help back here is my link: Mark Twain / Megathread / Firestarter / Inquisitor Achvmnts

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Thank you so much for the help!~ <3
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Please help me get the Clambake achievement. =D I need 15 people with female avatars to post here. I will tip those who do so. Thank you! =)

cat_3nodding Could you help me too? Nudist Colony~
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I have the achievement! Thank you for your help, everyone! =D I think I got it from another thread, but I still appreciate the help that I got. =)
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