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Gracious Fairy

I have wings, and can loan you Buckteeth... heart
To get the Tooth Fairy achievement, all you have to do is gift Buck Teeth to someone wearing wings.
**Trading Buck Teeth does not earn you the achievement - it has to be done as a Gift. (You also have to gift them from your inventory, sadly, using "Buy A Gift" doesn't work.)

Please don't quote this first post - it is way too big. Thank you!

If you happen to also need the Somebody Likes You and/or Generous achievements, being gifted Buckteeth (Somebody Likes You) & then gifting them back (Generous), will get those achievements for you as well.
If you'd like to borrow some, I have a few to loan out... wink
(If you do gift yours to me, and you want them back, just let me know by adding a message when gifting them, here on this thread, or feel free to send me a PM. Sorry, but it is impossible to return any items sent anonymously, since I don't know who sent them to me.)

I am also willing to help out with other achievements:
I will LOAN you a cig (Risky Lifestyle), a gun (Brandisher), a werewolf (Team Jacob) &/or a vampire (Team Edward) item, if you ask.
I DO need them returned, so I can loan them out to others.

If you post a link here, I will post 10 times in Popular and Mega threads, and I will quote you 10 times for Mark Twain.
I am happy to help with Clambake, and The Perfect Setup (That's what she said) as well.
If you need Befriended, or Ultimate Player, I will add you as a friend. (Please, do not be offended if I then remove you as a friend once you have earned the achievement.)
For Flatterer, you can post the words cool avi on my profile - don't put quotes around it, or capitalize it - just type: cool avi.
For the newer achievements: Firestarter, Threadmaster, Tipsy, Inquisitor, etc., I will vote, quote, and tip, if you post a link to your thread here.

I am not able to help, so can not post in Nudist, Prayer Circle, or Sausage Fest threads, however, if you want to post a link to your thread here, to ask others to help, please feel free.

If you have the Bidding War achievement available, all you have to do is bid one gold more than the current bid on each of the 10 Tokens in my store.
Go to Day Dream Walker's Bidding War Store

If you do NOT have the Bidding War achievement available, PLEASE do NOT keep bidding. If you have bid 10 times, and NOT gotten the achievement, please check your available achievements - either you already have Bidding War, or you have not completed the requirements to unlock it yet.
To clarify:
Bid one more gold on each of them (10 bids total), and you get Bidding War!
You do NOT have to be outbid on them in order to earn the achievement.
You only have to bid 10 times on the same item (A Token), NOT the same listing (one specific Token).

Please, let me know if you have been helped by this thread by posting here and/or voting 'like' (<3)...I am just trying to make it easier for people to get several different Achievements, but would appreciate your posts, to let me know it is working.

EDIT: To make it easier for repeat visitors to this thread (many thanks to you, by the way), any changes or new information will now be in Green
Day Dream Walker
PLEASE do not bid in my Bidding War store unless you have the Bidding War Achievement available.

In order to unlock the Bidding War Achievement, you must have completed several other achievements first:

Bidding War: Prerequisites: Wall Street & Money Never Sleeps
Money Never Sleeps: Prerequisite: Wall Street
Wall Street: Prerequisite: Market Browser
Market Browser: Prerequisite: Consumer
Consumer: Prerequisite: Statustician

Here's an easy way to...Check Your Achievements...before sending Buck Teeth or bidding
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Dangerous Hunter

User Image

Bid war! O v O

Day Dream Walker's avatar

Gracious Fairy

[A.V.]'s avatar

Dangerous Hunter

User Image

Lol, alright. xD

Day Dream Walker's avatar

Gracious Fairy

To unlock the Tooth Fairy Achievement, you must earn several other achievements first:
Tooth Fairy is unlocked by Generous
Generous is unlocked by Befriended
Befriended is unlocked by Contributor
Contributor is unlocked by Forum Explorer
Forum Explorer is unlocked by Treasure Hunter
Treasure Hunter is unlocked by Member
Member is the first Achievement you earn when signing up on Gaia.
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Gracious Fairy

heart smile heart
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8,500 Points
  • Pie For All! 300
  • Pie Scarface 150
  • Pie Hoarder by Proxy 150
I bid ninja
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8,500 Points
  • Pie For All! 300
  • Pie Scarface 150
  • Pie Hoarder by Proxy 150
Day Dream Walker
I have wings, and can loan you Buckteeth...

I have also listed the Overseer's Tub for 1 gold bid increments, to help out anyone who needs Bidding War...

I bid on it! Thanks!

I got the achievement c: did you get it too? I don't wanna stop bidding if you still need more lol
Got it! Thanks!
Thank you for posting a Bidding War!
Day Dream Walker's avatar

Gracious Fairy

Thank you to those generous Gaians who have gifted me buckteeth so far.
If you would like the teeth returned, please just let me know. If not, thank you for the addition to my "loaning" collection!
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Gracious Fairy


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