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I don't know about halloween left, but I should start thinking... hmm
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voted, tipped, and <3!
Good luck emotion_c8
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Bump. This isn't going as well as I hoped.
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Good luck! heart
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Help me back?
Thank you biggrin
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Smitten Cat

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Obsessive Bibliophile

;D Got you!
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help me with fire starter??? link at the bottom of my signature.
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Hullo. I'm trying to get those three achievements~

Time Waits For No One

Post within my thread, females only. Help me and I will help in return, link in signature.
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Singing Seraph
Hullo. I'm trying to get those three achievements~

If you tip me, I will tip back. :3

If you leave your links, I will also help with your achievements the best I can.

If I could get Threadmaster from this too, that would be AWESOME. But I don't have that much faith in my own threads. rolleyes

In order to make this thread more popular, I have decided to ask some ridiculous/philisophical questions:

1. Gas stoves probably aren't very good for the environment, and electric stoves SUCK. What kind of new stoves do you think they should invent? 8D?

2. Is the color "orange" named after the fruit? Or is the fruit named after the color? O.o

3. Why---My computer just locked in the middle of me typing that question. Evidently it hates me. WHY DOES IT HATE ME?

4. Any epic costumes planned for Halloween? :3
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Returning the favor!
Help me with my achievement?
Give me </3 please
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Girl-Crazy Man-Lover

1. hybrid prius stoves
2. idk, but the sadistic jerk that named them hated words that rhymed with things
3. because you tried to ask a question that could end the universe D:
4. no emo

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