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Spotting the attractive young man in black, and sashaying across the room to his side. "Are you watching time pass or admiring the antique?"

Brought out of a sort of melodic trance, the man turns to the woman and smiles, "Admiring the antique. Due to the age of technology, you rarely see such fine craftsmanship like this." His hand runs against the smooth wood, "My grandfather used to own one of these. Made it himself. It always makes me feel a tad nostalgic when I see one similar to it. Unfortunately, some bad times came upon him and he had to sell the one that he used to own."

He then sighs and steps away from the clock, as he gives it one more gland before turning to the woman beside him, "My apologies, I have a tendency to go into reverie over the most peculiar of things." He then bows to her, "My name is Vincent, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Straightening his back, he offers the woman a kind smile.

Smiles and curtsies in return. "My name is Vivaine. My friends call me Viva."
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Kuroyuki walks in and stands near the edge of the room.
She watches everyone a bit more before deciding to grab a drink.
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((Casually enters the roleplay))

The young woman shifted slightly in her seat, looking out at the other patrons. She'd gone to all the trouble of getting dressed up for this lovely party and yet had come all by herself. Maybe if she played her cards right she would have some company for later. The small, striped cat at her feet purred contently while eating its snack. It was a good thing it was kept on a golden leash or it might have scurried away.

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"What brings you here?" she said with a tilt of the head.

I had hoped that darkness meant no positive people.
Lilith is yours_

Grabbing a glass of champagne from a passing tray, she gives Lilith a mischievous smirk. "I do hope great minds think alike. So what brings you to this specific room darling?"
The woman noticed the time, and jumped up. "It seems I have to go, anyone feel free to keep contact with me. I shall return, perhaps with another outfit..."
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Vivaine Bathory
Smiles "Hello Vincent. I'm Vivaine, my friends call me Viva." Curtsies slightly.

"It's a pleasure." He gives her a joyful grin, "Mind if I address you as Viva then? It'd be nice to make at least one friend while participating at such a wonderful event." His attitude becoming more open as he becomes more comfortable talking to Vivaine.
Karasu Hisu
Karasu Hisu
*he enters the room and looks around somewhat nervous. He goes to find a place to sit and comes upon a table that's empty and sits alone watching everyone else mingle*

-walks over from grabbing a quick drink- hello there. i see you have an instrument as well. are you going to be playing tonight? i am playing out in the garden while the night is still young

*he looked up at who came to him* No, i just carry this with me. its quite special to me *he said looking at his violin*

-sits down- my instrument is special to me as well. it belonged to my teacher who gave it to me before i left to wander the world in search for inspiration. i only play it when true inspiration calls to me -lays it down on the floor- it is indestructable but i still like to be careful with it
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          An angry voice near her almost makes her jump more from shock then fear. She turns
          to look at the rude man stuffing his face. Rolling her eyes she turns her attention back
          to her previous conversation.

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Rose held up her hand at the mention of oysters, "I don't like oysters, there are only a few fish I actually like, one of them is Salmon." She grabbed a plate and added a few spicy treats that Jera had also grabbed and dished herself some salad, "I love vegetables though. Especially red peppers."

"Mhm I have a fondness for sugar snap peas personally" She said as she started to eat "Since no one else is dancing after we eat you should join me and maybe liven up this group of chatters "
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The young man scoffed at the party goers as he took another bite of his food. He sat near the stairs as everyone giggled and interacted with each other. Their blushing faces and excitement was enough to make him throw up, but he won't. The food was far to good. "I'm getting more food and I'm out of here... "

Sophie spots the young man sitting quite close to where she was and obviously not enjoying himself. She walks up to him, wondering what was bothering him asking,"Why are you going to leave?"

The man payed no attention to the person as he went to the buffet table for more food.

Sitting down on his chair when he left she hoped he would acknowledge her existence if he came back and found his chair occupied. If he came back.
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Harlow sighed and frowned. "I don't fit in..I need a dress!!" Harlow smiled slowly. "Got itt.."
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"Get Lost. I'm eating. If you want to talk, do it outside. By YOURSELF! "

"Whatever, Jerk."

The man watched the girl leave and couldn't help chuckling to himself. He didn't understand. What was the point of talking to one another. They'll all forget one another and be nothing more but memories. "Whatever.."
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          Wind giggled, "that's very odd...hmm." She handed the cute monkey back to the girl,
          "my name is Wind. I hope we run into each other again, but I think I will resume my
          exploring. Thank you for letting me hold your monkey <3"


Sophie smiled taking her monkey back. "Anytime, have fun, my name is Sophie by the way."

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