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Jera Audron

Jera just raised an eyebrow as the girl looked her over and smiled but didn't say a single word to her.. not the sort of interaction she had in mind, yet it seemed everyone here was more interested in being mysterious than they were about talking.

"..Oookay then" She muttered filling her glass back up with some water and moved to start looking around the area, it really was a lovely place to host a party.

The girl broke away from the pillar and followed the woman.
She smiled and finally spoke, "I'm sorry if you were, how some say, creep-ed out, I'm just not used to talking to anyone... I'm Rose."
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Sake Osiris
Vocaloid DTM-Haku Yowane
gets so emabarsed Oh my gosh say after i land on my face

Sake slithers in, his tail swishing on the marble tiles. He glances up at the ceiling, amazed by the crystal chandelier that hangs above him. "Curious." he says.

But in front of him, a girl flounders on the floor, trying to stand.
"Let me help you." Sake says, hurrying over to her.

um thank you gonk looks at tail and a pair of cat ears and tail pops out O_O
-walks over to chastity-
excuse me madam, but do you have a garden or terrace in which i may play? i brought my cello with me in the hopes i might make a few young couples feel the night to be more romantic as they look up at the moon
Vocaloid DTM-Haku Yowane
quickly runs up the stairs and walks up to lust- Um.....Do you know where the bathroom is redface

"I'm sorry sweetie. Mommy is not out of her room just yet. But the bathrooms are down the hall to the left." Samantha said while pointing down the hallway towards the back of the room.
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Tea finds herself sitting on a soft lounging couch, sipping quietly at her tea and admiring the guests. She blushes furiously as she notices a very nude man walking around, and is slightly disturbed.
Eliot nods hearing his sister's words. "It's a sad truth about their world. Many humans close off their hearts to avoid such cruelty from one another. Not everyone is like that mind you. But a great many are." Eliot looks down onto the floor below them and Sighs deeply.

Flz walks through the doors and looks around the room. It was the largest room she had seen in awhile. Well, this was her first ball actually. So it would be the biggest room she's seen. Her eyes looked over the room and saw all the long dresses. She hoped her dress wasn't too short. She quietly made her way towards the bar to order a drink or two.

Anya looked to her left where a young woman sat, examining her attire she grinned. "My, my..you look lovely tonight." Her voice alluring as ever. Her own dress was long, however the slit cut awfully high and the chest was awfully low cut, and seemed a little tight. "Is this your first ball?" She curiously asked, taking a last drink and setting her glass down.
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Jera Audron

The girl broke away from the pillar and followed the woman.
She smiled and finally spoke, "I'm sorry if you were, how some say, creep-ed out, I'm just not used to talking to anyone... I'm Rose."

"Oh I wasn't creeped out, just a little miffed because EVERYONE seems to be "Shy" Here tonight" She said and shook her head "Too many people seem to be hung up on being mysterious and enchanting so much so they make no one want to go near them, it's a pleasure to meet you Rose , My name is Jera"

She extended the hand not holding her drink.
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User Image User Image User Image

- - >> L o v e l e s s

Ritsu takes a note of her delicate fingers as she grasps his hand and follows her with ease, his long strides amply useful in times like this. When she spoke to him over her shoulder he blinked.
"Surprisingly, so do I,"
he said regretfully.
"I'm being summoned currently - but I can put it off for a few minutes more."

"But I'm sure we can talk later, if need be."
As they exited the building he took a deep breath of the cool air as well, tilting his head to the sky. The clean air was something he was unaccustomed to, as he lived in a city of bright lights, and smoggy cars.
"I can agree with you there."
He murmured, content.
"It's just as quiet, and twice as beautiful as being inside."
His footsteps echoed off the cobblestone pathway as he approached a stone bench by a circle of rose bushes, and he lifted a flower petal the color of blood off its smooth surface. Twirling it between his fingers, he sighed.
"So tell me; what brought you here tonight?"

User Image
" I write sins, not tradgedies. "
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-Sophie walks over to the stairs sitting on the bottom step. She takes the monkey off of her head and places him in her lap-
Vocaloid DTM-Haku Yowane

um thank you gonk looks at tail and a pair of cat ears and tail pops out O_O

(( Did you just give me cat ears? And a cat tail? XD ))
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Vivaine Bathory
A young man in his early 20s makes his way into the the Victorian styled room. His features make him rather mysterious. Pale skin as white as the full moon shining in the sky on a cloudless night. Long black hair, pulled back in a ponytail to keep it from becoming a mess and red eyes that light like a fire. Donned in clothes that, he thought, matched rather well with his hair color.

Crossing the room through the crowd of people, making sure to be careful not to step on their feet or knock anyone over as he finds a spot with the people spread out more. His eyes make contact with an older built clock that stands against the wall to the side and, for a moment, he smiles fondly at it.

'Grandfather would enjoy such a fine antique.' He thought to him as he watched the pendulum swing back and forth within the case. The constant ticking becoming a calm tune that rang pleasantly in his ears.

Spotting the attractive young man in black, and sashaying across the room to his side. "Are you watching time pass or admiring the antique?"

Brought out of a sort of melodic trance, the man turns to the woman and smiles, "Admiring the antique. Due to the age of technology, you rarely see such fine craftsmanship like this." His hand runs against the smooth wood, "My grandfather used to own one of these. Made it himself. It always makes me feel a tad nostalgic when I see one similar to it. Unfortunately, some bad times came upon him and he had to sell the one that he used to own."

He then sighs and steps away from the clock, as he gives it one more gland before turning to the woman beside him, "My apologies, I have a tendency to go into reverie over the most peculiar of things." He then bows to her, "My name is Vincent, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Straightening his back, he offers the woman a kind smile.
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The elf women peered her head in, Crossbow slung across her back. "Hmm.." she looked around curiously before entering, Removing her helmet and pulling the black hair so it was no longer slung over her shoulder, Letting it flow freely.
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Jera Audron

((I actually just realized that xDDD Thanks for pointing it out!))

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Leaves the dark and silent gentleman and heads for an empty table, procuring a glass of some amber liquid on her way.

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