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✪The fourteen demigods have been released from the tower! To prove that they have learned to behave during their time imprisoned, each sin and virtue pair up to host a party for the Gaians!

✪ Oh no! All the food for the feast has disappeared, and it seems like Gluttony is the one behind it! Quick - help Temperance, Dinner, and Dessert figure out where all the food is hidden before Santa and his elves arrive! Here is the link to the post that describes the situation! Click!

Gluttony gave out many clues which the Gaians put their heads together to solve, and they even tried to eat through a wall until Gluttony revealed their effort was for nothing. Temperance also led a dance session so that everyone could exercise with all this eating.

The first words in the riddle are : We are in a room where all junk is laid. To save us you must utter the other word for eggplantThe answer? Aubergine!
All the food popped out and appeared in the great hall. After that the room began to collapse from the food fight's mess and Santa appearing and all the weight in the room! But have no fear, Temperance's smart idea brought everyone together and made Gluttony realize that food indeed could be shared and that he could one day follow some of Temperance's ideas.
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You enter one of rooms in the tower, and an a sweet scent immediately hits you, sending a tingle through your body. The smell is familiar, and it takes you only a few seconds to realize that it is the comforting scent of chocolate. Looking around, you notice that you are in an enormous room made entirely out of food. The walls were made out of gingerbread, and the floor out of chocolate. The large rug in the middle was weaved out of Twizzlers, and the windows were constructed with the use of french fries while the curtains were made with pita bread. A long table created out of caramel stretched across the circular room, with gummy bear chairs surrounding it. It then dawns on you that the whole room was made out of all things edible, and you couldn't help but be associate the room to a Christmas gingerbread house.

Your eyes then drift to to approaching figures. The first is a male with a rotund shape, and a large smile seems to be on his face. Walking behind him was a female with a rather athletic figure, and on her face was a frown. Trailing behind the duo were two girls, and like the room, their clothes seemed to be associated with food.

"Why hello there!" greets the male with a big grin. From his pocket he produces a slice of pizza, which he finishes in a few bites. "Welcome to Gluttony and Temperance's room! This is where the party is at. We have dancing, games, contests, and best of all...FOOD for me! " he lets out a delighted laugh and begins to nom on a hamburger that magically appeared in his hands. The female lets out a frustrated growl and brings her palm to her face. "Honestly, Gluttony," she began, giving the room and the male a disapproving look. "You had centuries to think of an idea for a party, and you come up with this?" Temperance looks around the room with bewilderment. "This place...it's made entirely of food! Junk food too! Do you know how unhealthy that is?!"

Gluttony, who had finished his burger while Temperance spoke, shrugs. "Well, instead of running laps around the room and weighting lifts, you could have helped prepare for the party." Temperance lets out a small hmph at this and crosses her arms. "I did help, I invited people to our party. In fact, I invited Santa Claus and his two thousand elves."

Upon hearing this, Gluttony lets out a gasp of horror. "You did what?" he cries. "Two thousand elves and Santa Claus?! There won't be enough food for me! You know how much I eat!" he mutters a few words underneath his breath and then walks off, leaving Temperance and the two who had yet to speak. Temperance lets out a sigh, and after looking at her companions, she turns and looks at you. "Sorry about that," she begins, shaking her head slightly. "It's just that Santa Claus has been doing such a good job with the presents, I thought he and the elves should get a party to relieve themselves. Besides, there is too much food in here. No one should eat this much. We need as much people as possible to avoid excessive eating. Oh and after we are done eating, we need to do some laps..."

Temperance's companions nod in agreement. "Yeah, I agree with Temperance. Gluttony is always eating up the food we make. We want others to try out food too!" says dinner. "I love making sweets," says dessert. "But Gluttony always eats my creations before anyone else can try it!" The three spend a few seconds discussing Gluttony's bad habit of being... gluttonous. Then suddenly dessert looks up, an expectant expression on her face.

"Well what are you waiting for?" she says. "Go and enjoy yourself!"

"Just because we invited Santa and his elves doesn't mean the party isn't for you too!" chimes Dinner.

"Yeah! Just don't eat too much, or I'll make you do push ups and laps." warns Temperance.

You nod and walk away, deciding to do as they say and enjoy the party that they had set up.
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Please don't spam! This includes double posting and bumping!

The Annual Ball is all about roleplaying, so please roleplay as much as possible in here!

As mentioned above, this is roleplaying! So don't godmod, (Control the movement of other Gaians/characters.) and post in third person. (She, he, him, etc.)

Don't post rude comments here. Everyone is to be respected.

Refrain from having long quote conversations please! You should only quote up to a max. of four posts!

Please also refrain from quoting the front page.

Watch out for pop-up boxes asking for your username and password! These are not official and will hack your account. We had this problem last year, so be careful!

Proper grammar and spelling is appreciated. (:

No cybering. At all.

Most importantly, have fun!
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- The room is circular and very spacious.
- The walls are made out of different kinds of food.
- The floor is made out of cookies.
- In the main room, a long rectangular table sits in the middle, with food displayed.
- Smaller tables made with wafers are placed around the room filled with even more food.
- Couches and bean bags made out of gummy candy are scattered across the main room for people to sit on. (:
There are three large windows with their frames made out of licorice in the main room.
-Surrounding the main room are many smaller rooms that lead off to entertainment.

- The Kitchen is off limits! That being said, beautiful scents are bursting out from that room.
- The bathrooms have toilets made out of eggs, and the sinks are made out of jello.
- The theatre shows movies about food and programs about food. That's it.
- The theatre chairs are made out of marshmallow, and there is an all you can eat buffet of popcorn, candy, and soda at the back.
- The lounge furniture includes shelves of cookbooks, comfy couches, videogames, and vending machines. All the furniture is made out of...you got it! Food!
- The exercise room was put there by Temperance.
- The green house contains a chocolate waterfall, trees sugar, mud and dirt made of mousse, candy flowers, and other weird plants made out of sweets. They are many fruits too.
- A corner of the greenhouse belongs to Temperance, and there she grows celery, carrots, and tomatoes.

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Paulaterra - Gluttony
Hey, I'm Paula. This is my 2nd year working on the ball and my 6th or 7th on Gaia. I like ice cream along with Lady Gaga, Green Day, and other stuff like anime/manga. This ball's gonna be awesome!

XxharmonicxX - Temperance

Why hullo thar! You can call me Harm. I've been around Gaia since '07, but this is my first year helping out the Annual Ball. Whenever I'm online, you can find me in Barton Town. I enjoy baking, reading, and spending time on the computer. During the ball, I will be using the mule account miss t e m p e r a n c e! You'll see me around during the morning and at night - EST time.


Red7227 - Dessert
Heyo! I'm Red, and I've just recently completed my first year on Gaia. This is my first year ever helping with something like the ball, and everyone I've met so far has been great. I'm really nice (I swear, I only bite people I know!) and am usually on all the time, even late at night, so don't be afraid to talk to me! My favorite color...is obvious, I love wolves, and I hope I'll get to know you as well as you'll get to know me~

rainbowskyscraper - Dinner
You can call me Rainy! I've been on Gaia since February 2006. I work at a pizza place (yay), I love dancing, and I sleep with a panda at night. I've been questing panda slippers for that reason - I love pandas. ;3 I'm extremely friendly and will prefer the night shift of hosting this room of the ball. Hope to see some friendly faces while I'm here! <3
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A V A T A R CONTEST! Closed!
Gluttony loves yummy avatars and Temperance is fond of avatars that show athleticism. Design an avatar by 12AM August 20th EST time for a chance to become the best dressed in this room. One male and one female will be chosen, and along with gaining the title of having the best ball getup in the Gluttony and Temperance room , the two winners will move onto the forum wide avatar contest, competing against the winners of the other rooms to become the King and Queen of the ball!

Note : You entry cannot be a tektek! Your entry must be what you are wearing!

Note : Last year, a user sent out messages to people in order to get votes for an entry in the TekTek contest. This is NOT allowed. You must win because people like your entry, not because you have lots of contacts. Anyone who does this will be automatically disqualified from winning the contest they entered, and from partaking in any other contests, voting or not.

Note : You may only enter the avatar contest of one room! Therefore, if you enter this contest, you may not enter the avatar contest going on over in Pride's room or Lust's room.


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Queen - Sylarra

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King - Anolis18

As the room searches for the food Gluttony hid, help Dinner and Dessert make some new dishes! Draw a dish (Either a food you eat at dinner, or a food you eat for dessert.) that already exists, or come up with something entirely new! Give a short description as to what it is, and then PM your entry to rainbowskyscraper if your design is a dinner item, or PM your entry to Red7227 if it is a dessert item! Remember, one entry per category, so you can only have up two two entries! One winner will be chosen per category, and one runner up will be chosen for each category.
For Dinner, 1st place wins a fabulous Swirly Naruto, with 2nd place taking home a Romantic Dinner, and 3rd clearing off the plate with a Maple Tavern Wench's Roasted Chicken Tray!
For Dessert, 1st place wins a choice between the fabulous Sad Rainbow Ice Cream or the chilly Gelato Supremo! 2nd place receives the item that was not picked, and 3rd place gets a cute Strawberry pie!
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3rd Place
Description: It is called Starfish Surprise. It has a side of seaweed and purple sea urchins and is served on a blue platter. Mermaids love it especially under water. It is a surprise because the starfish is still alive! by Gemenii2188

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1st Place
Dug Steak by Kavo-chan

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2nd Place
Gluttonous pixel hamburger by FireCat0

User Image
2nd Place
Giant Marble Cake by laurana14

User Image
3rd Place
Banana Split Popcorn Cake by Kavo-chan

User Image
First Place
Chocolate Ice Cream Fluff Parfait by Flowery Orange Pekoe


Reach page 25 first, and receive 500 gaia gold! Reach page 50 and receive 1000 gaia gold. Be the first to reach page 100 and receive 2000 gaia gold! First person to reach page 200 will receive 5000 gold!


The animal crackers, they’re alive! We don’t know how this happened, but we can’t eat them now! There’s so many of them, we’ll need some help if we want to keep them under control! Dessert made a little gingerbread stable to keep the horses in, but we can’t hold them in for long. These look like racing horses, why don’t we let them out for a little run?

Alright, there’s a total of 100 horses. We’ll sell you a ticket for each horse for 500 gold, cheap right? We’ll start the race either when the tickets are all sold or on the last day of the ball, whichever one comes first. If you get lucky, you could win a jack pot worth up to 50,000 gold!

If you want to participate, please send Blue7227 (link takes you directly to a message box ) a PM with the number of tickets you are buying and the total amount of gold, as well as a trade. If you send a trade without sending a PM, it will be cancelled. You may buy more than one ticket if you want to, and the winner will be selected via random number generator that will be posted in the thread for everyone to see.


1-5: Artemesia_of_Persia
6: Kavo-chan
7-9: Artemesia_of_Persia
10-18: Nikolai Telsa
19-21: Clockwork Alchemist
22: Kavo-chan
23-27: Clockwork Alchemist
28-35: Gwion Vaughn
36-43: Nirian_Betta_Fish
44-51: NecHocNecIllud
52-62: Gemenii2188
63: Kavo-chan
64-77: Gemenii2188
78-90: Laurana14
91-95: PerformingArtsKid
100: Kavo-chan

Current Jackpot: About 47,500!

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~ By Slipper K

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The Annual Ball is one of the largest user run events on Gaia Online. This tradition dates back to March 2003 when a user by the name of Misao decided to host a Ball for his fellow Gaians. The 1st Annual Ball was the first user run event on Gaia and received a great deal of support from the site administration. Since its conception, the Annual Ball has grown into a much larger celebration with more diversified themes each and every year. The Annual Ball has experienced many changes throughout the years, but the one thing that remains the same is the great friendly atmosphere that Gaians have come to love. The Annual Ball is considered a place where Gaians can come together to meet up with old friends and make new ones. This commemoration is deeply rooted in role play elements, but for many the Annual Ball is considered a wonderful excuse to hang out and share fond Gaia memories.

Click the image below to reach the planning guild, where you can help out with next year's ball!

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