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Anisa walks in, seeming to bring with her a gust of warm air. She adjusts the fur wrap she wears on her shoulders and walks inside, taking in the palace with her one eye. "It's quite a beautiful ball," she says to noone in particular. She blinks, a long, drawn out process that exaggerates her most prominent facial feature.

Anyone who walks very near to her feels an odd tingling heat on their face and neck. She waits patiently for someone to talk to her, though she knows most people are uncomfortable around her and can't help but stare into her eye, as if transfixed.
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              fly me to the moon
                              & let me play among the stars


                              Lucky chuckled awkwardly due to her nervousness. She just had to bump into someone. She let out a sigh of relief when the woman accepted her apology and thus introducing herself. "It's nice to meet you, Ano. I'm..." Lucky paused for a moment. Hopefully Ano wouldn't mind her weird name. "I'm Lucky. I don't mean I'm lucky... my name is Lucky...." She scratched her cheek. How was she going to explain her name when she herself couldn't find the right words to do so? "My name is just Lucky." Lucky let out another awkward chuckle. "And who may you be?" she asked as she bent down on her knees, smiling at the boy with Ano.
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Keaira glanced unsure of herself now and moved away from Aularen's general presence, tilting her head sideways slightly as she murmered inchoerently to her tiny charm,"yes i know this my darling", moving her way to the side again to observe silently
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*brightens considerably and smiles* sure! thank you very much!

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"You are most welcome!" Victory grinned widely. "I hope they are to your liking!" He handed her a cherry filled pastry, elaborately decorated with roses made of out icing. "These pastries here in particular are especially divine." User Image

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Aularen picked up a plate encrusted with gems and made a mental note to herself not to drop it. She served herself a variety of food, as much as could fit on the plate, and got a golden goblet of wine. She found an empty sofa where she could eat and sat, carefully balancing her food on her puffy lap. Munching on a hors d'oeuvre, she glanced about. The place was filling up quickly. She felt a bit more claustrophobic at every moment, and longed for the quiet of her garden. But the food was delicious, so that was a plus.
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Amelia Magnus
Amelia smiles brightly at Hikai and responds "I'm Amelia Magnus, my friends call me Amelia or Ami. I've got really slow internet, so please pardon me if I take a long time to respond." She was surprised and pleased that anyone would take the time to talk to her.

Hikari smiled. "No problem. I understand completely." She held the cookie still in her hand. "So...would you like a cookie? They're pretty good. I didn't like seeing you all by your lonesome. It made me think of how I usually I am, so this is being very brave for me. ^_^ "
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*accepts the pastry and takes a bite* you're right! they are very good! so tell me, what is your favorite trick to perform?
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Raff turns around to see The Lady of the Penguins. "Oh, nothing seems to be the problem, I just can't figure out which one is Swiss and which one is provolone. Swiss gives me a rash but I love provolone. Isn't that silly." said Raff laughing at herself, she should just give up on all white cheese but she really couldn't/
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Glancing around, Lady Remou took note of a woman she felt compelled to speak to. With as much speed as she could muster in her outfit, she walked to the one called Anisa and stared her dead in the eye as if it did not affect her. Perhaps one of the jewels she wore was warded, though Remou did not hesitate.

"Why, hello. You are one of the unocula, yes?" Her accent was mild but still noticeable as her "the" seemed to miss the h entirely. "I know many where I am from, though here not nearly so. Have you travelled far?"

"That's an awesome name! Cool pun, too. You can't be too lucky if you bump into people though!" Ano replied. She sure wished she had a name like Lucky. The girl seemed extremely nervous, but she seemed to have no problem introducing herself to Jerome.

Jerome was startled when the woman named Lucky introduced herself to him. He made eye contact with the blonde. "I'm Jerome. Nice to meet you." He said, abandoning his search to gracefully bow to the girl and smile at her. Ano rolled her eyes at her sons antics and nature.
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*inspects one the cheeses*
This one's Swiss *points to the one on the left* see? Swiss cheese has holes in it.

*sets wine glass down and cuts a slice of the Swedish cheese* yum~ just like Berwald's back at the castle.
eaira glanced unsure of herself now and moved away from Aularen's general presence, tilting her head sideways slightly as she murmered inchoerently to her tiny charm,"yes i know this my darling", moving her way to the side again to observe silently
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i ALSO Own all three of their eyeballs BOTH of em
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                        pɼiɳɕɛss pɼiɗɛ

                        yoʋ'ɼɛ so ʋɑiɳ
                        yoʋ pɼoɓɑɓɭy ʈɧiɳk ʈɧis soɳg is ɑɓoʋʈ yoʋ
                        yoʋ'ɼɛ so ʋɑiɳ

                        Everything seemed to be going well! Guests were mingling, her Jester was entertaining, and Pride felt, well proud! She scanned the room to see if anyone needed a conversation partner, so that she could grace them with her presence.

                        i ɓɛʈ yoʋ ʈɧiɳk ʈɧis soɳɠ is ɑɓoʋʈ yoʋ
                        ɗoɳ'ʈ yoʋ?
                        ɗoɳ'ʈ yoʋ?

"Ano!" the young man piped, wrapping his arm casually around his friend. "I never expected to meet with you again, how are you and Jerome faring?"

He glanced quickly between the two women in conversation and placed a hand onto his heart.

"I apologize, am I interrupting something? Do you mind if I join you?"

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