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You open your eyes slowly, blinking to adjust to the sudden intrusion of light piercing your pupils. After a few moments regaining your orientation, you find yourself sitting on soft red carpet blanketing what looks like a long hallway. You quickly stumble to your feet. The lighting is dim and you can barely see anything, but even with the bone-chilling and disturbing atmosphere, you summon the courage and start walking down the hallway, but before you can make it very far, you trip and crash to the floor. You dust yourself off and look to find what tripped you. There's a small golden plaque on the floor, and written in large, curvy letters it reads ‘Haus D’Amour.’

Surprised, you look around to see where it came from when the plaque starts to glow. In harmonic resonance, a large golden door surfaces from the brick walls of the tower. You forget walking down the hallway any further and curiously reach out to grab the handle. You turned it slowly, hesistantly, and wrench it open. The first thing that strikes you is a stabbing cold winter wind and wet snow crunching beneath you as you step into the winter land paradise. You look up to see a beautiful snow covered garden with a tall, oak-coloured mansion decorating its view. When you reach the door of the mansion, you are greeted by a tall man with a white coat and messy black hair. “Welcome to Haus D’Amour. My name is Juan, the physical embodiment of the virtual Love. Welcome to the 9th Gaia User-Run Annual Ball. I do hope you enjoy your time here!’
miss u ... sad
andale andale edgarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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