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You open your eyes slowly, blinking to adjust to the sudden intrusion of light piercing your pupils. After a few moments regaining your orientation, you find yourself sitting on soft red carpet blanketing what looks like a long hallway. You quickly stumble to your feet. The lighting is dim and you can barely see anything, but even with the bone-chilling and disturbing atmosphere, you summon the courage and start walking down the hallway, but before you can make it very far, you trip and crash to the floor. You dust yourself off and look to find what tripped you. There's a small golden plaque on the floor, and written in large, curvy letters it reads ‘Haus D’Amour.’

Surprised, you look around to see where it came from when the plaque starts to glow. In harmonic resonance, a large golden door surfaces from the brick walls of the tower. You forget walking down the hallway any further and curiously reach out to grab the handle. You turned it slowly, hesistantly, and wrench it open. The first thing that strikes you is a stabbing cold winter wind and wet snow crunching beneath you as you step into the winter land paradise. You look up to see a beautiful snow covered garden with a tall, oak-coloured mansion decorating its view. When you reach the door of the mansion, you are greeted by a tall man with a white coat and messy black hair. “Welcome to Haus D’Amour. My name is Juan, the physical embodiment of the virtual Love. Welcome to the 9th Gaia User-Run Annual Ball. I do hope you enjoy your time here!’
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1. Adhere to the ToS. This includes keeping everything under PG-13. If you do not follow this rule you will be chewed to death by Luke's dog. He will be watching.

2. No flaming, trolling, spamming or bumping. In the case that you do not follow this rule you will be sentenced to spend every evening with Juan whereby you will forced to learn 'proper' ethics, mannerism, dress code, ways of eating, down to the proper way to wear your shoes until your dying day. Ouch.

3. Do not quote excessively. The extent of your punishment will be determined by Mitsukai the guardian angel, depending on how large your quote tower grows, so refrain from having more than 4 quotes in a post.

4. Never stretch our pages or quote the first page. The consequences of breaking this rule are dire. We will have ghost Shizuki and Vincent haunt you for the rest of your life, AND afterlife.

5. Respect the NPCs, their workers, and any other members of the ball. Disrespecting anyone (especially your hosts, who have worked so hard to make this happen) will result in you being stabbed by James' broken glass shards, Rosetta's gardening tools and Reine's stake. Quite a terrible way to die, I must say.
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Played by: -The Dusk Sky-

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that Luke is your average rebellious young teen. He doesn’t take crap from anyone, refuses to listen to authority (especially if that authority is Juan), and gets in trouble on a daily basis. Although he refuses to admit it, one reason Luke likes getting in trouble is it gets Juan’s attention. After feeling neglected and abandoned by his brother who was always preoccupied with his work, he found that it was the only thing that gave him his attention, and after going about it for so long, habits are hard to break. Still, it isn't all about attention grabbing. (Hell, Luke lives for himself, and he dares you challenge this belief!) For the most part, Luke just loves having fun and sees no problem breaking the law to have his way. Life was too short to spend worrying, after all. However, sometimes when he looks back and ponders about the things that have happened in those dark rainy days, Luke wished he could be the perfect brother to Juan, so now that he’s given a second chance, he does not intend to let it go.

In a way, he's often envious of the close bond Mitsukai and his brother share, but tries not to let it affect him too much. After all, he's too busy out breaking rules (and laws) with Reine most of the time. At least she doesn’t go around nagging him, and is probably the only friend he has who understands him, for that he's terribly grateful for her. She helped him deal with issues he's had, and she helped him heal, and in a way, he thinks he loves her just as much as his brother loves Mitsukai.

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Played by: Shunatsu

A tough, young hot man to boot, Juan doesn't let his looks speak for itself. Sure, he stresses on the importance of manners, decency and daily ethics. Sure, he is a little overly obsessed about Luke and his antics, and okay, maybe wearing a suit on a daily basis IS a little over the top but hey, Juan is still your average laid back guy who spends his free time chilling out in the sun or rolling around the bed or painting naked women and cats.

He's torn over the fight with Luke hundreds of years ago, and deeply fears that he will cause more harm to him than he already has. Juan is extremely protective (overly paranoid) of Luke (despite all the years Luke robbed of him whenever he pisses him off) since he is the only family he has left. Generous and kind, he pretty much gets along well with all people and enjoys interacting with everyone and sharing stories. Despite this, he's passively hostile towards Reine, as he views her as the poison seeds residing in his brother's soul. He adores kitties, and flies into a rage whenever Luke sets his favourite pet dog chasing his one and only beloved. behind Luke, because Luke always comes first, because family comes first. Because Luke was all he had and because his brother is his world, Luke will always be first.

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Played by: ShiinaNinja

As the second child of 5, Reine was pressured as a child by her parents to become a business woman, even though she hated the thought of it. After her older brother became all that her parents wanted him to be, the burden of upholding her parents’ dreams was forced onto her. After a year of being trapped in business school, she finally snapped. She ran away from home and vowed never to come back. Reine began travelling from town to town, taking up jobs to pay for her living. It was her dream to travel around the world and she hoped she would be able to keep it up for as long as she needed.

One day, when she was walking back to her flat, Reine met a mysterious boy who refused to tell her anything about himself despite all her prodding and poking. Over the weeks curiousity got the better of her and one day decided to follow (stalk) him. She saw him returning to an excuse of a house and eventually got his secret out of him. At that moment, she realised she had finally met another person who understood how she feels. The feeling of abandonment and loneliness that still eats her up to this day was a shared emotion between the two young adults. Both of them started spending time together, often running around vandalizing property, breaking rules and challenging authority, which seemed to be Luke’s way of filling the void.

Reine hates Luke's brother, Juan for seemingly ignoring Luke, and the hatred only grew when she finally met him. Reine was also jealous of Mitsukai for a small period of time when she fussed over Luke and tried to protect him, but her jealousy evaporated when she realised Luke kept rejecting her. However, she still hates Mitsukai because she always sides with Juan and never sees the way Luke sees the world, and feels that they don’t try hard enough to understand him. Reine has a bitter disposition to adults due to her parents neglect to her dreams and feelings, and relates greatly to Luke. Eventually, she fell in love with him and after meeting him for the first time in hundreds and thousands of years (she was turned into an immortal by Luke to keep him company), she just wants Luke by her side and tries to bring things back as they used to be.

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Played by: Yui-roks

Mitsukai is Luke and Juan’s guardian angel. She is immortal and has been with both of them since their parents passed away. She has average spiritual powers, being able to create large barriers and has minor healing abilities. As your classic social butterfly, she loves friends and parties, so the ball is one of her favourite times of the year. She has a mascot: an angel imp that follows her around and aids her in her duties.
As an angel, Mitsukai enjoys learning about wildlife and studied the subject for a year. It goes without without saying that she enjoys tending to the gardens and tucking away at the cosy corner of the library reading or sleeping. She has a strong weakness for cute things (PINK!), and can be absent-minded at times.

Sharing a very close bond with Juan, she had helped him as much as she could through the ‘dark times’. She loves Juan very, very much (as a friend!) and tries to ease his suffering much as she can. However, Luke prefers to keep her at arm’s length, to which she always feels annoyed about. What harm could come in trusting another person? However, she greatly dislikes Reine. To her, the girl comes across as a moody, brooding teenager who doesn’t understand the beauty of the world: the complete opposite of herself.

P.S.: She has a tradition of setting off a Chinese lantern into the sky at the end of each party she goes to, as a finale for her night, so look out for it.

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Rosetta Rae

Played by: Cakes Delight

Rosetta Rae (last name unknown) isn't your average fourteen year old girl. Rosetta doesn't exactly know how, but she found herself on the doorsteps of the manor in tears after one tragic and rainy night when she was only ten. The landowners took her in and since then Rosetta has looked after the manor when Juan and Luke are out. Four years have passed, and now Rosetta can often be found in the garden, which despite it being caught in the snow during the cold, winter days, is still kept green. Rosetta's friends are the manor inhabitants and the flowers, but she hopes that will change when all the party eager Gaians arrive. After being cooped in the mansion for so long, the young girl is absolutely eager to make friends. The young girl is quite shy, but she changes her attitude when the Gaians are around. She can be a tad ditzy and clumsy. However, the girl is smart.

Rosetta loves chatting with Gaians, but doesn't enjoy arguing or gossiping with people. When these two things usually occur, you can often hear her saying, "Beware... The flower's have ears. They know all." Rosetta hopes to make all the visitors happy and well informed. Also, Rosetta likes to keep all things in check, so there isn't any chaos. Rosetta doesn't care about boys or money, she usually just keeps to herself and her 'family'. Rosetta's favorite things are Italian food, chocolate, nature, books, poetry, music, and rain. Lately, she's been spending her time wondering what shall be in store for the weekend of festivities...

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Vincent Ezekial Valdette

Played by: Cakes Delight

Vincent Ezekial Valdette may look young, but there's a hidden truth behind this 'young' man. This seemingly twenty-one year old man was born in 1600. He had moved to the area from his home country of Italy at the age of sixteen when his mentor, William Shakespeare had died in 1616. Back then, the manor was relatively new. Vincent found a job as an up-keeper in the manor, making sure things were clean and in check. It was here he wrote his best poetry, which can sometimes be found framed in many rooms amongst the manor. A lot of these poems were based on this death of his beloved mentor. Vincent spent most of his time cleaning, studying, reading, and, of course, writing poetry. Vincent's favorite things were girls, poetry, music, darkness, and colors. Alas, it was also here that Vincent fell in love with a woman named Shizuki and wrote many blissful poems about their budding romance. One day, however, their love was cut short when Vincent found himself cleaning the manor when he noticed a strange object. Upon touching and dusting off the object, a flash appeared and Vincent was gone. He has been missing in action ever since... Where could he have gone? Is he even still alive?

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Played by: sailor sunburst

“My wish, my one and only wish, is to find the courage to move on…”

That is what Shizuki vigorously repeat in her head whenever shooting star crosses the dark skies. It never ceased to bother her how easily it was to lose the people you love, for she had lost her boyfriend mysteriously one day, and no traces of him was found. She swore to herself to never rest in peace until she finds her one, true love. It was only a few years after she died and her soul lingering in the mortal world did she detected her boyfriend’s presence in his mansion and searched, searched, searched for her precious treasure....

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Played by: Sublette

James is a very simple person.

He is an honourable man who spends his days drinking tea and reading books, if he gets any spare time, that is. He was bestowed the sacred duty as peacemaker between Juan and Luke, which he carries out with great dedication and care. Contrary to popular belief, he does not dislike carrying out the duty. After all, fights and scrabbles are simply wrapped up in simple, good times as days go by, and he feels blessed be able to witness the beautiful progress between the two brothers who were once trapped in the voids of bad luck. He is the man Luke persuaded to get a new tattoo, and the reason Juan bothers to place a brand new vase of flowers on the mansion’s bar counter every morning. And of course, let’s not miss out on the free, lovely, real-life soap dramas James adores watching. Like how Reine is obsessed with Luke, and Juan is overly obsessed with Luke and kitties, how Luke is overly obsessed with his puppy and… you get the gist.

Oh, and one warning about James. He is not a person you would want to get provoke. He is certainly not a man to mess with when he gets angry. He treats people with respect when others treat him the same. The same goes for people who treat him rudely.
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*waves* Hey folks! This is Shunatsu, a Penang college student currently studying in the UK who aspires to be an author. I was the host (Ares God of War) in Hades Palace last year, and will be playing Juan (Love) in today’s Ball. I'm glad you could make it! Welcome to our room and enjoy! =D

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Heyo, ballgoers! I'm -The Dusk Sky-, also known as Dusk/Dusky. I'm a fourteen year old who lives in the depressing and rainy state of Washington (Oh, joy!), but I love it here anyway =) I plan on going on to become some sort of engineer, but you never know where you'll be in five years, I could end up being a...teacher (or maybe a hobo!) or something. This is my second year working with the GAB. Last year I was a co-host in the Palace of Hades, playing Ares' (un)lovable sister Enyo. This year I was lucky enough to get the chance to fill in as a host in this room with Shunatsu and play Luke. I'll admit, I'm a loser when it comes to video games/anime, I have other things to do with my time. Some of those include shooting guns and bugging/creeping/weirding out my friends and strangers. I tend to listen to punk rock, not watch much TV, spend too much time on the internet, and read just about anything that isn't "I'm in high school Oh no! I have a pimple, not XXX won't ask my out! *sobsobsob teenage angst*" Uh, I honestly don't know what else to say, so au revoir!

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Wassappenin' Yui-roks here, otherwise known as Yui. I'm fourteen, from the rainy,snowy, and sometimes sunny UK. I love anime and manga, especially Inuyasha, Ranma 1 2, Fullmetal Alchemist and Angel Beats. I love watching galactik football and W.I.T.C.H, wizards of waverley place, star wars the clone wars. I love to draw and write, and read. I'm saving up for a nintendo 3ds aqua blue version. I love playing legend of zelda (that's where my home is!), urbz sims in the city, animal crossing, harvest moon, mario, sonic, nintendogs, SSX3. I love watching disney movies such as: Hercules, Tangled, the Princess and the Frog, Tarzan. I like playing Assassins Creed II and brotherhood. I love One Direction and Harry Potter. Basically, long story short, I love technology! My family know me by my smile! I love Paramore and LMFAO (Party rock anthem especially), Florence and the Machine, Selena and the scene, Demi Lovato. Because of my tastes in tv programmes, such as Galactik Football and Star Wars the Clone Wars, i could be considered quite childish wink Arigatou. xd heart heart heart

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Hey! Hey! ShiinaNinja here. I am a fourteen year old girl who lives and works around the unpredictable and sometimes bad British weather. My interests are drawing, writing, reading, cycling, sleeping, eating and playing games. I found the last Gaia ball and attended it completely by accident, and I loved it so much I applied for a co-host position, which I got. I am a major Harry Potter fan and I listen to pop, alternative, punk and rock music, more specifically Paramore, Evanescence, Florence and the Machine. Currently, you will most often find me rereading Angel by L.A. Weatherly or drawing various celebs/people. My first love was (and still is) chocolate. My fave sports are ice skating, rounders and football.

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YO! YO! YO! Sunbursts the name, Zelda is my game! As a participator of the Gaia User-Run Annual Ball, it was awesome that I to work behind the scenes with such awesome people, and I hope to be back next year! So Sailor sunburst says, see ya’ around!

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Heyy Heyy Heyy! <3 Come va? I'm Xx-Cakes_Delite-xX, but throughout the world of GaiaOnline I am known as Cake, Cakes, or sometimes I get called Pancakes. (Pancakes refers to my old account, XxRandom_PancakesxX) I'm fourteen and have lived in Florida all my life. I'm an honors student and I'm also a high achiever. I have been working with the Annual Ball for the past three or four years. Last year I played a big part as Hermes, messenger of the gods, while working the plot update/newsroom. I'll admit it... I had a blast! I honestly don't know where I see myself in the future. I want to either be a journalist, author, fashion designer, interior decorator, or a stage actress. Hell, maybe I'll find myself working for GaiaOnline one day! I have a video game addiction, and I am currently working on Kingdom Hearts II for PS2, Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons & Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages for GB, and Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life Special Edition for PS2. Yeah... I'm a noob, I guess. I like to go to the beach with friends and write poetry when it rains... Gotta love Florida! I like reading/watching anime, I'm pretty good at writing story lines too, but when I try to draw anime it ends up looking more like manga... Epic fail! I like to randomly change my avatar's outfit based on my mood, so I guess you can find me wearing some kooky outfits. I'm addicted to the House of Night series and the Blue Bloods series... Twilight can bend over backwards and suck it ;P. My favorite pastimes are writing (mainly poetry), singing, dancing, cooking, and roleplaying. Oh boy, do I love to roleplay. I have an amazing boyfriend who has been with me for a little over a year. We're both a little... strange? I enjoy getting random PMs from friends and such, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I hate cyber bullying with a passion, so if I catch you doing it you better run and hide, because Cookie Monster is gonna find you and eat you. Bwahahahaha! That's all for now... Teehee!<3 ^.^

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Hello, I am Sublette, a member of the elite group of people who live in England. I am in 12th grade, a senior, and I am graduating high school in about, seven weeks, Yay. I do dabble in sports, a bit of martial arts, and some kickboxing. I really can't explain my life, maybe.. 20% of my time online, 40% in school, and 40% training? Well, anyways, I hope this years ball will top the last one by a ton of participants, and hope everyone has a great time, and we all have a great ball!
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Something has happened!!

Juan has been kidnapped by your local friendly neighbourhood Yeti!! The Mansion still stands. Most of the damage is done by the entrance, where part of it collapsed, and the tremors have stopped...for now.

Ghost Shizuki is causing havoc in the room! Her powers managed to trigger this part of the tower to become unstable! All guests are asked to evacuate to the manor's garden at once!
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Let us all open the book to read the tale of the two brothers...

Psst! Psst! Let me tell you a secret, okay? Try not to spread it around when you know it! I don't want the brothers to know that I know. I've seen it all, their story. Now come, come. Let me tell you, best as I can, about the old tales surrounding the two demigods: Envy and Love.

It was said that those two had no idea they were demigods. They lived a human life when their parents passed away, when Luke was only a few years old. Juan was left with the responsibility of raising Luke, but even with their poverty... they lived a simple, happy life, full of laughter and joy. At this point they met their guardian angel Mitsukai, who greatly helped them through this stage. But it all changed when Luke reached his 'teenage' years, where he first discovered he and his brother were Envy and Love respectfully.

That was when it all went downhill.

Sins and Virtues were known to clash, especially against their opposing twin. As a result, the Gods made the decision to have them separated. Juan, of course, was against the idea, and made a deal with the Gods. If he and Luke were able to get along yet not neglect their duties as demigods, they will be granted permission live together. That was when it all changed. Juan began to ignore his brother and worked day and night to keep true to the promise, and Luke was hurt by his brother's ignorance towards him. In his loneliness, he wandered around and met Reine, whom he befriended and ran amok with, getting into a lot of trouble in order to gain his brother's attention. Juan, in turn, felt his brother was irresponsible and was pissed at his childish behavior, resulting in a great fight between both of them, which led to their imprisonment in the tower with the other sins and virtues.

During their time in the tower Juan and Luke had plenty of time to understand each other and solve their differences. They opened up to each other and shared their feelings, and each came to a mutual understanding. Juan promised to stop being a workaholic and spends more time with Luke. Luke promised to stop troubling Juan and the both became close. To prove that they can get along, both brothers decided to host the Ball together.

But will peace ever come between a sin and a virtue? Will they uphold the promise they were given? Well, why don't we find out...
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The contest threads will be up soon to post your works, so wait for it! Thank you for your patience. =w=

1) King and Queen Contest
Winners: Gemonade & Monienijntje

2) Writing Contest

1st place: Thank You Letter for June 2009 + 75k
2nd place: Double Rainbow + 50k
3rd place: Spring Nymph

Top five runners up:

3) Art Contest
1st place: Thank You Letter for April 2007 + 75k
2nd place: Double Rainbow + 50k
3rd place: Spirit Falcon + 25k

Top 3 runner ups: 25k each

4) Haiku Contest

Love Category
1st: Chocaholic Fondue + 20k
2nd: 75k
3rd: 45k

Envy category
1st: Double Rainbow + 20k
2nd: 75k
3rd: 45k

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These are the floor plans of the mansion. The red sections are restricted:

Floor 1:
User Image

Floor 2:
User Image

User Image
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Warning: Last year we had a problem with people getting hacked during the Ball. No matter what, do NOT give out your passwords! The hackers used java pop ups that informed users they had timed out, and needed to reenter their user-name and password. The hackers would then take the information entered into the fields, log onto their account, and steal their stuff fairly quickly. Be careful.
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We'd like to give Princess Angelishia and Queenie Cee, this year's ball host, a big thank you for helping making this happen. We'd also like to thank all room hosts and co-hosts, who did a wonderful job coordinating everything, and we appreciate their help so much. Also, the hosts of this room would like to thank the all room members who have greatly contributed to this room and without them whom the room would be less success. Credit goes to XxHarmonicxX for the layout and dividers, which are beautiful. And thanks to all of the wonderful guests that we are sure will make this ball a huge success!
Warning: In the past there have been phishing attempts during the ball. This is a reminder that no gaia staff will ever ask you for your password, and you should never give it out. Thank you, enjoy the ball!

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