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Can I have the gold and dress. redface
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Since There Really Isn't A Lot Left Could I Maybe Have The Rest? Thank You.
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If the rock hard is still available, could I have that? otherwise, some gold would be pretty nice....
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If you still have the black dress boots, I'll take those, thank you. 3nodding
Otherwise, I do hope you do well irl. smile
Ill take your rock hard item, or gold. biggrin Thanks
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can u give me ur gold and everything else u have my username is nrg da saint cool
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Hey You guys...well i dont really use gaia anymore and i tend to be keeping myself busy with other things so I'm giving away everything i have including what I have on, all I need is your user name so message me if you want anything and I only have the items listed below so feel free to get whatever you want. I dont want to cancel my account knowing that I will loose everything.

The Items marked in RED means they are no longer available.

-Elemental Hair
-Sacred Leafe
-White Soft 'n' Fuzzy Coat
-Black Fishnet Stockings
-Fresh Grass Skirt
-Streaked Black Jeans
-Blade's White Boots
-Gray SKA shoes
-Black Dress Boot
-Langer the Dragon Plush
-Gold Promise Ring
-White Puff Mittens
-Emo Glasses
-Classic Partition Top
-Jade Peasant Gloves
-Angel Wings Back Tattoo
-Gold Solar Flare Back Tattoo
-Venus Embrace Sunglasses
-Elegant Feathered Mask
-Red Whiskers Face Tattoo
-Green Stalkings
-Skittles Crazy Core Face Paint (2)
-Skittles Rainbow
-Cool Starter Surfer
-Rock Hard
-Deadly Mood Bubble
-Super Powers
-Charcoal Sketchbook
-Red Cowboy Bandana
-GOLD: 9,769

give me anything pls smile ) the gold!! biggrin
I don't care much what I get. I'll take whatever you can't get rid of. I gatta say though, it awefull kind of ya to be giveing your stuff away. Most people would just forget about the whole thing and just leave it to collect dust in the lost corners of the internet.
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Dizzy Is speaking:
Rock Hard or some gold please >//w//<

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I'll take something emotion_bigheart
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Gracious Fairy

I'll take rock hard

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