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Have you been enjoying the anons this event?

Obviously 0.42857142857143 42.9% [ 24 ]
I'm a crazy person and have not. 0.17857142857143 17.9% [ 10 ]
OMG IT'S THE ROSE PRINCE 0.39285714285714 39.3% [ 22 ]
Total Votes:[ 56 ]
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Greedy Capitalist

my smooth talk detector just exploded.
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Desirable Sex Symbol

The life of a royal is full to the brim
Even though people run after my every whim
I have events to attend and people to see
So unfortunately I have not much time with thee
Nevertheless Gaia I promise to return when you call
If you wish to see me, call my name and I will find you at this ball
The Earth King's avatar

King Cutie-Pie

        Ꮻne Ꭰay Ꮠt's Ꮳonna Ᏼe
        Ᏼetween Ꮇe Ꭿnd Ꮯreed...

        --------------------------------------------------x-----xx ----xxx---xxxx--xxxxx-

            You want to play? o u o

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Timid Sweetheart

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  • Lavish Tipper 200

Ahh, that's why, I;m not very familiar with SHINee, but he's super cute anyways!

In my opinion he has one of the best voices in KPop and yes he's adorable xd
A blessing in disguise

Ahh, that's why, I;m not very familiar with SHINee, but he's super cute anyways!

In my opinion he has one of the best voices in KPop and yes he's adorable xd

There are very few male idols I don't find adorable emo
And as for playing Anon, I completely understand the Prince, this is my first time giving as an Anon and I'm addicted.
Nice poem prince ^^ and hello emotion_yatta
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Sparkly Vampire

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  • V-Day 2011 Event 100
The Rose Prince Anon
Such an event as this,
Did you think I would miss?
All you ladies in such fine dress
Later on we'll make a mess
I look forward to seeing the dress on the floor
You beneath me, begging for more
And the men to, don't fear
Nobody's safe when Prince is near
So bow for me all, you're glad that I'm back
It's time for me to pick up the others slack.
Rose Prince is out to play
So come, what do you say?

You're not the only royal attending the ball~
Ha! Why settle for a Prince when you have King?
Your screams from me down the hall will ring.
How can one who tends to roses, know about lust?
I'm the best there is in this you can trust.

Leaving tantalizing kisses and bite marks along your skin
I'll mark you as a victim of the King of Sin
Leave you lusting and panting, begging for more.
Your moaning will be heard despite the closed door.
I'll leave your body hot and dripping wet.
Your body marred with evidence, coated in sweat.

Sorry baby brother I could resist
Besides our fights always end with sex, not a fist. <3
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Sparkly Autobiographer

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  • Millionaire 200
  • Nerd 50
My my, I shall have to make a reply
to such lovely words that make me sigh.
My Dear Prince, I know you none
Why don't we go find some fun?
A little joke, some friendly banter
Poetic jousting, words that canter.
Lovely rhymes to pass the night,
Ticklish, but uneasy to afright.
Weak kneed girl, I am NOT!
Childlike, yes, but I'll give you a shot.
I am the Lady Siren of the Dark Lord
And many die to listen to my word.
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Dangerous Smoker

10,650 Points
  • Fusion Novice 50
  • Alchemy Level 3 100
  • The Wolf Within 100
I would like to receive a message spicy ... as said in this forum.

your highness
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Dapper Lunatic

12,300 Points
  • Battle: Cleric 100
  • Mark Twain 100
  • Survivor 150
OH SHIIIII! Lord Price is out to play! Between him and guys like Lotus.....Yare yare... *Shakes head*

Oh, my. Such words from Prince and King...
Their words in my ears, I still hear them ring.
Such promises to fulfill, yet it seems in contest.
I'll sit back and watch, and claim who is best.
What do I say?
I say you look gay.

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