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It all started one day when Zeus and the Gods and Goddesses were just hanging around Mount Olympus. There really wasn’t much to do. There were no heartbroken men for Aphrodite to comfort, no peeping toms for Artemis to turn into steers, and Poseidon was feeling too lazy to stir up a storm. Having nothing better to do, Apollo was watching one of his temples. A young priestess was laying down beautiful gifts of gold and jewels, and Apollo’s favorite, chocolate. “Sigh…It’s good to be loved,” said the radiant God of Sun and Music.

User ImageUser Image“It certainly is.” Aphrodite gave a light and tinkling laugh. “Of course, you probably rarely ever get to feel that way, poor dear! What with me being the Goddess of Love and Beauty and you not!”

Zeus chuckled; it was deep and hearty, but somewhat offended. “Sweet Aphrodite, don’t you think that I’m the most loved of all? After all, I am the King of the Gods. People love me! Why, without me, you’d all be nothing!”

Athena scoffed. “With all your scandalous deeds? I would think that the mortals appreciate me, the voice of reason, the most!”

“Well there really isn’t a way to settle this!” Cried Hermes, who was becoming annoyed. “So I suggest we drop it!”

“There’s ALWAYS a way to settle things!” Roared Ares, God of War. “I suggest that we have a WAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRR!”

“Well. Maybe not a war. But perhaps a competition!” Reasoned Athena.

“But how do we see who’s most loved? I mean, shouldn’t I automatically win, since I am kind of the authority on love around here?” Asked Aphrodite as she gave her hair a toss.

“We should have a party!” Suggested the ever-merry Dionysus. “Lots of parties! Whoever throws the biggest and best party is obviously most loved by the people!”

“Hmmm.” Said Zeus as he stroked his great white beard. “Very well! My Queen Hera, honest Hestia, wise Athena, cheerful Apollo and I shall act as judges! Athena, Apollo. You two go and mingle disguised as Gaians, and come report to me at the end which party the Gains loved the most. Whoever’s party is most loved by the Gaian People shall win the title of most beloved God! You can team up, if you so choose, or ask a magical creature to assist you in your merry-making. Just make sure these parties are BIG!”

Now things were starting to pique Hermes’ interest. He was a big fan of mischief, and he foresaw lots of mischief about to come. “Hehehe… I think I will keep an eye on this. I’ll report on all the tricky going ons of this little shindig.”

“Agreed.” Said Hephaestus, the god of Metallurgy. He had a headache from a long night of building a new chariot. “I think I’ll just watch and report on things as well.” He placed his hands to his ringing head, in no mood for a party.

“Let the contest begin!” Zeus announced. Excited chatter erupted amongst the gods and goddesses. Zeus stood up from his throne and summoned Hermes over and spoke into his ear. Hermes nodded and walked away.

Meanwhile On Gaia...

The Gaians looked up into the sky in sheer awe.

Hermes descended from the air, holding his staff in one hand, a scroll in the other. He hovered in the sky and unfurled the scroll.

In a booming voice that reached all the ears of Gaia, he read:

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And so it begins...
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Day 1:

As the first, exciting day of the 8th Annual Ball ends, Gaians are noticing life as a God isn't at all what it seems. Today was stocked full of harmless flirting, frantic bickering, and let's not forget the yummy wine. Around 6pm EST, a volleyball game was held in The Room of the Sea, witnesses say it was fun at first, until the Gods fought back with their immortal gifts, and took the game as their own. And at that same game, did Hermes find love within a fair maiden? It was later said that Poseidon and Amphirite got into an argument which led to her having an ingenious plan, and with that, I end the news of Day 1.
Zeus & Hestia's Quarrel

Day 2:

It's the second day of the 8th Annual Ball, which is being hosted by the Greek Gods and Goddesses themselves. The Gaians are enjoying the many festivities available here at the ball. Nothing unusual has gone on today so far, but however... Dionysus has gone missing! How will this effect the ball? Will the curtains close, or will it be a wild goose chase? Only time can tell... This has been Day 2 of the 8th Annual Ball.

Day 3:

As Day 3 of the 8th Annual Ball drags on, excitement begins to stir. With some new plot updates and excited Gaians, everything has twisted. Here is one of the latest plot updates-
Far away, on her lonely planet, Eris looked upon Gaia from her throne. The warm glow that emitted from the party made her pout.

“I wasn’t invited!? Well, well… they shall feel the wrath of Eris, Goddess of chaos and strife!” she laughed evilly. Eris stood abruptly, her pitch-black train of her gown followed as she walked to her chariot.


Eris arrived on Mt. Olympus and exploded out of her chariot in a fit of rage among many of the partygoers. "Zeus! Hera! Hestia! How dare you leave me out of this little celebration! Eris' scowl was so fierce that it would cause the weak to faint. "For your unthoughtfulness, rudeness, and unkindness, I am going to become the life of this party!" She threw her head back and cackled, the sound ripping through the room and slashing at everyone's eardrums. "...And the death of it!" With that, Eris disappeared in a cloud of black smoke that fizzled as she left, off to wreak havok in the rooms.-
Exciting, eh? Well guess what else? ... Along with Persephone, Enyo had fallen into Hade's River of Souls! Queen Hera and Ares had to drag them out, only to find that Enyo has given up and has laid down her sword via the remorse. For good... And to top that, Persephone was unable to remember who she was. What a shocking day we have had, as the 8th Annual Ball runs to it's near end.
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Ah an event involving greek mythology, splendid! C:
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1st page :3
what about posiedon,demeter,artemis,and hades question exclaim
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;3; Finally.gaia.is.teaching.realistic.stuff. ;3;

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