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"Underwater castles are giant and can be built up as high as the sea! But they are made of sand laced with seaweed and driftwood." She says as she sips her drink. "This castle looks amazing! You two should draw it, and enter it in to our sand castle building contest!" Amphirite said as she sat back and smiled.
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Nicole gasped, "That's amazing, so many crabs!" One came up to her holding a green tinted glass, and Nicole picked it up and took a sip. She never knew water could taste so sweet, and, she realized, so clean.
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Hearing the music in the distance from the shore as the waves joins softly in the chorus. She refuses to give in to the circumstances and dances lightly upon the sand, hardly leaving a footprint in her wake. She dances alone, enjoying the music while the sound of the waves give rhythm to her movements. Her form casts a long shadow against the rising moon as she dances into the evening light.
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Not to far from his people's Queen Amphirite, the warrior Arsander wading in the currents a mighty Alantian spear in hand. His eyes carefully scanned the sea and shores for any danger of the royal family. He smirked half heartily when he watched the servant crabs appear with the glasses, shaking his head once one approached him offering a beverage.
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Hope laughed once more and reached down to grab two glasses from the crabs. "Served by crabs how very delightful." she said and handed him a glass of some blue substance. "Mm delicious!" the exciteable young woman said as her eyes went around and took in the magical scene. it was all so amazeing. "Wow so many people, do you think we should say hi or wait to see if they come to us?" she asked feel a tad bit shy but having Dom around comforted her.
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Coloring one of the hippocampus X3

Rea listened to the description of the castles in awe, and smiled at the idea of making a sketch of their little sand castle. "They sound beautiful..." Taking another sip of the water, she settled herself a little more comfortably and watched the crabs scurry about.
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"Yeah, It's beauti---" MoonMirrors starts but she gets interrupted by the sudden splash of water. She then dives around Edith and comes at her from behind, splashing water back at her, smiling playfully as she does it

Ahh! -is frightened by the surprising splash of water-
"I'll get you for that!" she says playfully -starts swimming after MoonMirrors and splashing her with her trident- (:<
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Nicole looked at the sand castle, imagining it from different angles. "I think I might give it a try," she decided.
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    >>."I apologize for the delay, but Hermes is quite a busy god. Click here to find out what's going on!".<<
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X grabbed a a drink off a passing tray and lay on his stomach. Waving to another mermaid as she passed by, he wondered if what kind of music was playing.
"We should talk to people we don't want to come off as antisocial Hope..." He said as he started taking small sips of his drink. He was originally worried because he believed he would be the only person who wasn't fully human here and that he would be the centre of attention but he was relieved when he saw several other mer-people about making him feel less of a freak show.
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"Well, it looks like the dancing has started. I wonder where my Poseidon is?" Amphirite wondered aloud as she laid on the sand. "Oh well. Thank you, dear." The nereid said as she placed her drink back onto the tray. The crab returned to the sea, it's job finished.
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Keeps trying to swim away from Edith, but MoonMirrors clothes keep coming in the way. Finally, she manages to get a clear shot and splashes water at Edith again.

(Sorry, but I'll be away for half an hour, brb)
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Skyler notions to a passing crab to come to him, picking up a glass of colorful sparkling punch. Pressing it to his lips, he finds a splendor of unfathomable tastes throwing him into an abyss of flavor. He quickly finishes the glass and returns it to the crab, thanking it and leaning back with a satisfied sigh.
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Sitting on the beach has become quite lovely. The ball is great as well, I just need a break from all the people. " I wish I could do this everyday" *sigh* neutral

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