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"Hi, I'm Madeline"
Spurred on by a burst of courage, Madeline thrusts her hand forward for a handshake
Sees Edith_K going out for a swim and figures that since she's alerady wet she might as well join. She follows and dives out in the water "I'll join" she then says smiling brightly

Isn't the sea so beautiful? :3
-splashes water at MoonMirrors-
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Kai slowly walked down the shore watching the birds fly over head and the kids playing in the sand
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"Hello Nicole" Rea looked at Amphirite with curiosity. "What are underwater castles like?"
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"Hmph... I'm not used to this kind of thing, but the sunset is so beautiful."
Skyler sits on the beach, trying not to get too much sand on his tuxedo.
"I hope that I don't draw too much attention, I'd hate for someone to realize who I am. They might make me go back to the... Well I probably should just sit back and enjoy it while I can. Hopefully no one has heard of Kuroi around these parts."
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Stories stood solemnly, enjoying the sunset view from the terrace. The scent of the sea was overwhelming, a calm blast of salty air. He enjoyed it greatly, really. Smiling, he leaned against the railing, watching those swim in the ocean below...
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Question for the fishfolk:

Are you an optical illusion caused by a woman sitting on a rock holding half a fish? (Half a sexy fish...)

To anwser your question:

No, we do have a smexi fishy tale ;D

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A soft musical laughter came from the beautiful blond woman as she walked down the beach shore with a tall male by her side. "See did I not tell you that it would be lovely here." Hope spoke to him warmly. "And there are so many people as well, it's marvelous."
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"Oh sorry Nicole, I am still getting used to land dwellers. I am quite ignorant in the ways of mortals, dear." Amphirite shakes her head as she runs her hand through her hair. "Looks like the refreshments are being served!" Amphirite exclaims as the shore suddenly becomes calm. All of the sudden, hundreds of crabs wade out of the water, with little trays clamped in their claws. On the trays were various drinks of all sorts of colors. A little one walks up to Amphirite, who takes the dark purple glass and drinks it, savoring the sweet flavor.
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"Yeah, It's beauti---" MoonMirrors starts but she gets interrupted by the sudden splash of water. She then dives around Edith and comes at her from behind, splashing water back at her, smiling playfully as she does it
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X came back up with some shells and looks over the beach. So many guests! I wonder how they found this place. Hauling himself with one arm over to the edge of the beach, he dropped his shells and started making some sand art. Waving to those on the beach, he threw some ahead for those interested in making their own castles.
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Rea watched the little crabs come out of the water, startled. Carefully, she took the glass from the one that came up to her, holding a glass of the clearest and sweetest water she had ever tasted. "Oh, it's lovely.."
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Kero swims gracefully through the water towards the rest of the people and fishfolk

"This seems like a lovely ball, i wonder if anybody will ask me to dance"
The blue skinned male smiled as he listened intently to what his blonde companion was saying, flicking a few strands of crimson hair from in front of his eyes he scanned the area looking at the many other people who were there.
"Fair enough...I'll admit it....this does look like it will be fun I can't believe I didn't think this would be enjoyable...." Dominic said as he lopped his arm around Hopes.
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▇▇▇▇▇▇ ✿ ▇▇▇▇▇▇

This has got to be my favorite room <3

*walks to a rock and sits down*

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